Menu Plan Monday: Fudge Flop

menuplanmondayI’ve had friends read my Menu Plan Monday  plans and exclaim over how impressed they are. This is funny to me, because honestly I’m not much of a cook. I cook a lot, out of necessity, but most things I make aren’t all that pretty. And often, they don’t even taste too great, although I blame that on the substitutions I make in the name of healthy eating. It’s all about the choices we make, ya know.

But, for all you impressed folks out there, I thought I would share a big ol’ recipe flop from last week. My youngest daughter needs to make microwave fudge for the fair this summer. So, we found a recipe in her 4-H book and made it. It was a total flop. It did not get thick in the least. The girls did eat it, saying it tasted like pudding. But still – not fair-worthy, by a long shot.

Do you want a good (and easy) fudge recipe? Try this one – I made it over Christmas break and it did indeed turn out great.

So, spring break is over and here is how the week looks. If you’re a regular, you may notice a visitor or two from last week that I’m carrying over because they didn’t happen as planned.

Monday: Deep Dish Turkey Pot Pie

Tuesday: Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

Wednesday: Cheeseburger Pie – one of the kids’ favorites

Thursday: fish night – I bake tilapia filets, sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning, and serve with rice and vegetables

Friday: Chicken Parmesan – easy and yummy

1 jar marinara sauce

4 chicken breast halves

2/3 c. shredded mozzarella

1/4 c. bread crumbs

2 T. olive oil


Pour marinara sauce in bottom of ungreased 12 x 8 dish.

Place chicken over sauce.

In small bowl, mix cheeses, bread crumbs and oil. Sprinkle evenly over chicken.

Bake at 350 30-35 min.

Serve over noodles (I will make homemade noodles).

Happy cooking and eating!

Leave a comment and tell about a cooking disaster you’ve had – if indeed you’ve ever had one 🙂


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Fudge Flop

  1. I used to have more fizzles than liked when making strawberry freezer jam. (It tasted great but would not get thick enough… I think it was because I did not measure ingredients EXACTLY! In recent years, it has worked beautifully!

  2. Ha! I’ve never tried fudge in the microwave…..We had CHICKEN pot pie last night–just the easy Campbell’s soup one. Nice fast meal. I actually got my MPM up for a change.

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