Royal Wedding Wednesday: Library Showcase

Okay, is it just me or are William and Kate the cutest thing you’ve seen in awhile? Kind of makes me want to be 29 again :).

So, I figure I’ll make Royal Wedding Wednesday a regular feature here for the next month, with the excitement surrounding the upcoming wedding.

A few months ago when I was at the library, I was looking at the showcases and it occurred to me that it was a shame to keep all my royal memorabilia at home with the big wedding in the news.

I asked a librarian about filling a case, and she was happy to take my name down. So last weekend, my daughter and I loaded up a box full of goodies and went to work.

charles diana travelingMy daughter made sure Charles and Diana would make the trip safely. Don’t want a repeat of the 1997 tragedy, you know.

william kate wedding displayThen we arrived, and got to work getting everything set up. I must admit that it was kind of fun crawling around inside that case.

And an hour later … voila!

william kate wedding display

6 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Wednesday: Library Showcase

  1. How neat is that?
    P.S. When did Sophie join the royal ranks? : )

  2. Looks like it was a fun mother-daughter time! We love great library displays. Thanks for sharing.

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