Childhood Memories Friday: Old Photos

church choir kids 1970s

Childhood Memories Friday

You’ll forgive me if I’m a bit childhood memoried-out … I’ve been spending an hour a day trying to whip several memories into book form, and many more hours than that thinking out just how to word this one, how to connect these two, and you get the picture. Anyway, Fridays will probably be a bit sparse here for the foreseeable future, but thanks for checking them out anyway :).

church choir kids 1970sToday, a few thoughts about this photo from church choir, circa 1974. That’ me up in the far left top corner, sitting in the background. You can see my glasses, and I actually do remember that dress I’m wearing.

It looks like the girls are playing some sort of game, of which I have no memory whatsoever. I recognize Betsy on the right and Bekki 2 over from her, but the others – don’t remember. I love seeing the clothes – check out Betsy’s knee socks and tennies, and the prints on the dresses of the two girls on the left.

We used to have children’s church choir each week, and if I remember correctly it was on a weekday after school. With kids in so many activities now, that seems kind of quaint. I always enjoyed kids’ choir, although I fervently hoped each time a musical was announced that I would not get a vocal solo.

I’m not sure who the minister of music was when this photo was taken, but I’m thinking maybe Rev. Shreve. He had some pretty creative ideas. I remember him making up comics featuring various hymn composers as fruits. For some reason, Sabine Baring-Gould (composer of Onward, Christian Soldiers) as a grape sticks in my mind. Isn’t it amazing, the random bits we remember?

And thanks to the wonders of the internet, I see Rev. Shreve is still around.

One thought on “Childhood Memories Friday: Old Photos

  1. Choir WAS held after school on a certain day each week. I am pretty amazed at the crowd that appears to attend. I don’t see any boys? Back in the day, our ministers of music led EACH choir, I think. I was a mother who helped each week with a choir, too. We had refreshments, etc.
    Now at the same church, children do NOT even put on any form of a Christmas Program. How far we’ve fallen!

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