Childhood Memories Friday: Baby Food

Childhood Memories FridayBaby food: the advice on what to feed your baby sure has changed over the years. When my girls were babies, the prevailing wisdom was to start them on solid foods at four to six months. It changed a bit from my oldest to my youngest, with the recommended time for introducing solids lengthening to six months. It was suggested that the longer one waited to begin solids, the less the risk of allergies.

So, I was shocked to recently come across these notes in my own baby book:

I began taking rice cereal on 11-8-64. Didn’t raise too much fuss about it.

I had my first vegetable (carrots) on 11-14-64.

I took meat (beef) on 11-22-64 and liked it.

I ate my first fruit (applesauce) on 11-29-64 and naturally – I liked it.

I find this amazing, because I was born on 10-22-64. So within 5 weeks of birth, I was downing every food group known to man. I remember what a big deal it was to introduce my girls to “real food” – how long it would take them to get the hang of eating from a spoon, swallowing food, etc. So I’m just trying to imagine, if it’s hard for a six-month-old, what it must be like trying to spoon-feed a newborn who can’t even support her head.

Ah, times change, don’t they? And to think, as far as I know I survived all of that allergy-free.


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  1. My Mom was told to grind up steak in a blender to feed to me since I was premature! Mind you, no thought was given to breast milk–our formula was mostly Karo syrup, but that was “healthier.” Times do change–sometimes even for the better!!

  2. It surely is interesting how baby advice changes so often, and seems to me to be rather generational. I was breast-fed myself in 1939, but my mother finally realized that I was “fussy” mainly because I wasn’t getting enough nourishment that way. For some reason her milk wasn’t rich enough, so I improved greatly once I was allowed to have other foods (at what age I do not know).

    Then when my two babies were born, it was not even popular to breast feed in 1958 and 1962, at least not where I lived. My mother advised me to give my son an egg and bread crumb mixture around two months, I believe. Gerber baby foods were in vogue, and mashed potatoes. We soon learned that Carl loved any kind of smashed up/blended table food much better than anything purchased from the baby food section. Four years later Julie thrived on much the same routine. No baby formula like Simulac or others were ever used, just the milk and Karo routine. Only cloth diapers were used way back then around 50 years ago. In fact, disposable diapers began to appear when Julie was a baby, but we never used them because they were considered expensive and unnecessary, plus I had so many cloth diapers left over from her older brother. Personally, I think that TLC is the most important thing!

  3. “So within 5 weeks of birth, I was downing every food group known to man.”


    I wish you had waited longer on me…but maybe you are just meaning food allergies…

  4. You were fed exactly as Dr. Black told us to do it – to the day!

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