I’m Just Wild About … Harry?

While we’re on the subject, a little more royal wedding fun …

You have to be careful when choosing a royal wedding souvenir. I know this, because when Prince Charles married Camilla, I wanted a little keepsake. I went to the logical source – Ebay, right? I found someone selling “authentic” postcards of the happy day, and I bid.

What I ended up getting was a postcard-size color copy of a picture of the couple that someone had printed off on their own printer. I was not happy, but as I thought about it, what exactly does “authentic” mean? It was “authentic” paper. It was an “authentic” photo in that it did depict Charles and Camilla.

So, when I wrote about where to buy a royal wedding souvenir, I stressed going through an official venue.

Because problems are popping up everywhere. I offer this as exhibit A:

kate harry wedding mug

Guangdong Enterprises is a Chinese company that wanted to get in on the royal wedding souvenir frenzy, and they are offering this beautiful cup. Reading on, you’ll learn that this cup is not supplied to or approved by Prince William of Wales, Catherine Middleton, or any member of the royal family.

And that’s a good thing, because the cup features photos of Kate and … William’s brother, Harry.

A fairytale romantic union of all the centuries? William’s hoping not …

3 thoughts on “I’m Just Wild About … Harry?

  1. Leave it to China to create a faux pas like that!

    How did the painting go?

  2. I saw this story too and thought it was humorous. Buyer beware!

  3. It is unbelievable that this Chinese outfit made such a BIG mistake! I mean, it is not like virtually everyone in the modern world hasn’t seen literally hundreds of photos of red-headed Prince Harry along with his blonde brother, Prince William throughout the past 25 years or so. What a joke!!! If the Chinese company loses tons of money, it is well-deserved for not doing their homework.

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