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menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday time …

When I asked family members for ideas of what they’d like to eat this week, I heard “foil packets.” This is a common thing, so I’m wondering if a lot of you cook this way sometimes. Until a year or so ago, I don’t think I’d ever baked chicken or fish in aluminum foil packets, but I really like it now, and the whole family enjoys it too.

Basically, take your piece of meat, and place it on an 8″ (approximately) sheet of aluminum foil. You can also add cooked rice, veggies, seasonings, etc. Usually, each packet is a bit different depending on the family member’s tastes. Then, I fold up each packet to seal it, label each with a sharpie to indicate whose it is, and bake. Voila – individualized entrees for each family member, and they’re steamed to perfection! If you have tried foil packet cooking, share a recipe or tip. If you haven’t, you might try it this week.

Our food for the week:

Monday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches – these are a family favorite, and really easy because I prepare the meat in the crockpot. I usually just buy a long loaf of French bread to eat it on, but you could easily make a loaf in the bread machine as well.

Tuesday: Foil Packet Taco Chicken

Wednesday: Wednesdays are busy anyway, but starting this week they’re going to be even crazier than usual, because I’ll be playing organ for Lent services most Wednesdays at my little country “organ church.”

I think we’ll have Pierogies tonight – if you’re not familiar with them, they’re similar to ravioli. They are on sale at Meijer this week.  Serve them with some tomato sauce, add a frozen veggie, and it’s an easy meal.

Thursday: Fish night – I put filets of tilapia (it’s easy to find, inexpensive, and mild in flavor) in a baking dish, season them, and bake. Then I serve that over rice with some vegetables.

Friday: Lasagna SoupA friend had me over for lunch awhile back, and she served this. It is so good. Make it – you won’t regret it.

What is making up your Menu Plan Monday this week?


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  1. Grill or oven, I love cooking like this. They don’t fit with our horrible schedule of the moment, but we’ll be eating them again in the summer! We especially like lemon pepper in them.

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