Blessed Be the Name

childhood memories Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing,
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
The glories of my God and king!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Growing up Baptist, I learned the 10 Commandments. I was good on the ones about murder and stealing, and even adultery (being an adult?), although I may have occasionally slipped up when it came to coveting my neighbor, especially if it were her gogo boots, muff, or station wagon.

But one commandment I took especially seriously: You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

In our house, God’s name was never taken in vain. Ever. I remember once my mom slapping me. I recoiled in shock, unsure what I’d done, and she said I’d said, “God” in the place of “gosh.” I was shocked, as perhaps it came out that way, but it was certainly not something I’d ever intentionally say.

I remember hearing someone (perhaps a Sunday School teacher?) say that it was even wrong to say “gosh” or “golly” as those were short for “God,” or “gee” as that was short for “Jesus.” Well – gee! It could be hard to find exclamations. No wonder that I often resorted to “Oh, boogers” in moments of extreme stress.

I have to say that I’m glad though that the lesson of honoring God’s name was impressed upon me early. To this day, I can’t hear someone say, “Oh my G__” without a fairly sizable inward cringe. And I hear it a lot, even from folks who attend church.

And I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, at the incidence of God’s name being misused on TV. The other week, I watched two network sitcom-type shows I’d never seen before, since I’d read positive reviews on them. God’s name was flying on both shows, although let’s just say it wasn’t related to His majesty or glory. My daughter and I kept looking at each other, rolling our eyes. Finally, I decided that my first episodes would have to be my last, as it just bothered me to hear all that. Nails on the chalkboard, and all that.

It’s a shame that our society doesn’t have more respect for the creator who made us.

7 thoughts on “Blessed Be the Name

  1. Words I hear daily from sixth graders would curl your big toe nail! It depends on the mood I’m in whether I lay them low for their comment or just let it go. I’d guess the average student I’m around never darkens the door of any church.

  2. Preach it, girl! I agree. And, I agree with your Sunday school teacher who said we shouldn’t use minced oaths! I recoil at those as well.

  3. AMEN to your thoughts about profanity! I grew up much like you did with church on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night prayer meetings as well. How thankful I am that I had Christian parents who pointed me in the right direction! Having been a teacher all of my life, I have often observed the lack of knowledge of the 10 Commandments in many a family. No church attendance or very little is quite noticeable, especially when it comes to word choice. Like many others, I absolutely can’t stand the way people talk on the sitcoms! As for the movies, I mostly approve of Hallmark movies or a few family shows on Lifetime. Everything else stinks in my book! Far too many foul words, sexual innuendos, too sexy attire and much, much more! Guess that really makes me a prude, but I don’t care because I am a happy prude. 🙂

  4. I work on my boys about this one, too. I think it’s starting to sink in. I always cringe when I hear the Lord’s name taken in vain. Even worse on the few occasions when it comes out of my own mouth. {blush}

  5. I end up saying “Oh my word!” a lot… even though as someone pointed out to me “My word” isn’t really worth exclaiming about and could also be considered disrespectful b/c now I was putting “my word” above God. Which of course is not how I meant it. I had a friend in college who used to just say “cuss & swear” whenever she needed to”exclaim” but she of course did not really want to say the words. 🙂 I always thought that was humorous.

    But yes, when I hear Oh My God or WORSE, I cringe deeply.

    I even found myself writing OMG a lot in text until I remembered what that is supposed to mean. In my head I was thinking “Oh My Gosh” but most people don’t read it that way. So I try to avoid that acronym.

    I love reading your posts – you are always saying what I think but can’t quite get into words!!!

  6. Great post!!! I agree things have gone too far in the language department on just about every tv sitcom. And like Julie was saying about the OMG thing…my OMG stands for oh my gosh, but I probably should refrain from using it. So many young people have lost the ability to communicate gracefully. It is really sad. Our society reflects its lack of respect for God, a wayward heart, its desperate need of HIM.

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