Helping Kids Set Goals

I mentioned the Duggars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting this week. One thing I admire about this family is the way they divide up household chores and everyone pitches in to get things done.

While (thankfully) we don’t have to do laundry for 21 people, I would like my kids to learn to do basic household chores and clean up after themselves. But I’ve never had a real pattern for doing this. I tend to work with the kids on something for awhile, and then we all kind of forget about it.

But, recently I’ve found an online tool that’s useful in helping kids set goals – a chore chart that can be customized. Best of all,  it’s free!

Goal For It is a website created by a dad to help families. You can create behavior and chore charts here for your kids. I did it with each of my girls this weekend, and it was easy to do. You can choose either child or tween/teen themes, and you can choose the items you want on the chart. My girls enjoyed the little icons that went by each item.

If there’s an item you want to add that’s not available to pre-select, you can create your own item easily. You can either print the chart (this is what we did) or your kids can keep track of their progress online. There’s even a place to list a reward that the kids can work towards as they reach the goals they’ve set.

kids chore chartI love how easy it was to create charts that are fun for my kids and that will hopefully help us to become more intentional about getting up on time, cleaning the bathroom, practicing piano, doing homework – you name it. Any ideas you use that are useful in helping kids set goals?


One thought on “Helping Kids Set Goals

  1. Making a list of jobs you need to do crosses all age lines. It helps me get my work done if I make a list.
    Good luck girls! Let me know how it’s going for each of you!
    Besides, when you have done a job well, you feel better about yourself – so isn’t that win-win?

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