Menu Plan Monday

Another week of menu plans is facing us … as I plan the week’s food on Sunday afternoons, I always think about the weather and changing seasons as well. This week we’ve seen some real progress towards spring:  days in the 50s and even 60s, woo hoo! This week things are a bit colder, but still, I think we’ve turned a corner. It all makes me anxious to get outside, planting things in the garden – but I know it’s too soon. A few years back I remember starting tomato and pepper seeds inside in February, which was a bad idea. They grew too tall and spindly to make it outside. Now, I stick with an April 1 date for starting seedlings. It’ll be here soon …

This week’s Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: Italian Pasta Bake – this is from an old family favorites cookbook of mine, although I haven’t made it for quite awhile. My daughter was looking through the book and requested it.

Tuesday: Tacos – pretty self-explanatory

Wednesday: Turkey Soup – because I still have turkey in the freezer from baking a turkey just after Thanksgiving (not that I’m complaining) …

Thursday: Tater Tot Casserole – I’m a big fan of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” featuring the Duggar family (who have … 19 kids). This is one of their favorite recipes (I’m reading their book and got the recipe there).

Friday: Hmmmm … I have a blank on the menu here. But I did buy a couple of frozen pizzas on sale at Kroger yesterday, and maybe they were meant for this day!


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. At times your Monday blogs remind me of the Amish Cook’s column. That’s a good thing.

  2. Trust me, if you lived up here, you wouldn’t be thinking that spring is just around the corner. We got a huge snowfall again last night, almost as big as groundhog’s day, and then we got sleet or freezing rain on top of it. Our office is closed due to the weather. A neighbor across the street has just started her snowblower to clean her driveway. My poor neighbor boy has worked hours yesterday and today trying to clean their sidewalk and driveway, and mine. He does it all volunteer. He was pretty chubby when they moved here. With all the work he’s doing, he’s slimming out nicely! We’re supposed to get more snow this afternoon. Well, I guess you didn’t want a weather report from me, did you?

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