Childhood Memories Friday: Stuffed Animals and Dolls

childhood memoriesAfter this week’s earlier Beasties post, my mom commented about perhaps my first “Beastie” – a little stuffed creature that looks, indeed, quite Beastie-like:

kook folk creatureI called her “Kook” (rhymes with “Luke”) and I see she has a tag that reads “Kookie.” I don’t remember many specifics about her, but she must have been a toy from a very early age, because I do remember her in that vague yet sure way that probably means I clung onto her and chewed her (him? it?) before I could talk.

So, while I dug Kook out of a box in the basement, I had to dig a bit more for more stuffed animals …

smokey bear stuffedI found my Smokey Bear – loved him, as you can tell from his missing belt buckle, beat-up hat, and well-loved fur.

black doll 1970sRemember the Christmas my grandpa gave me, much to my surprise, a black baby doll that he had heard I just had to have!? Well, here she is:  Julia. The big thrill with Julia was that she was a baby who could pee, thanks to holes in her mouth and bottom. What fun that was.

bozo clown stuffed

And of course, here we have Bozo the clown. Bozo has a string to pull for him to talk, but I’ve learned awhile back that these apparently don’t last all that long. Now, when you pull the string – nothing. I remember dragging Bozo around in my grandparents’ basement, and my mom warning me that I would get him dirty. He actually looks pretty good for his age …

levi dollThen we have the Levi boy – gotta love his vintage ’70s look. I got the Levi boy at the same time my sister got the Levi girl – it was an unfortunate (to me, at least) trend that seemed to occur frequently: I would get the boy of a pair, my sister would get the girl. I’m not sure if this was due to my sister’s dainty constitution and my – well, more sturdy one, or what, but it happened too frequently to be just luck. I remember pining for the girl of a set.

baby beansAnd then there’s Baby Beans. I loved her – and later got the paper dolls too 🙂 She just has a sweet look on her face, don’tcha think?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Stuffed Animals and Dolls

  1. Oh my gosh – I had to laugh about your always getting the boy of the pair! When we were kids, my sister got the Ragged Ann doll, and I got Raggedy Andy.

    I didn’t even know there was a Raggedy Andy until then. 😕

  2. I want to think Mrs. Wintin gave you girls the Levi pair. Do you have that thought?

  3. I’m glad there was some redeeming feature to Julia–at least she wet!

  4. Baby Beans was a favorite of mine too! Alas, I left her outside; rainshowers came and I believe she sprouted (although this is probably my imagination). I was always sorry I had been so careless.

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