Happy Valentine’s Day to Us, Every One

When I was student teaching,  I remember my supervising teacher saying that Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday. I suppose that stuck with me, because it seemed odd – I’ve never been that big of a Valentine’s Day fan.

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is pretty stressful. While seemingly people all around you are having absolutely fabulous Valentine’s Days, enjoying treats of all kinds, you got nuttin’. But don’t despair, single friends, because the reality is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily improve with marriage.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Us, Every One

I think what I wish for is a return to the Valentine’s Days of elementary school. Back then, we all brought valentines for each child in the class – the smart and the dumb. Pretty and ugly. Athletic and klutzes. Rich and poor, we all got valentines, and we all got the same ones. No one boasted about diamonds, and no one felt bad over a lack because we were all equal.

And really, isn’t that great? Why can’t Valentine’s Day be more a celebration of us all than some type of contest with winners and losers?

Today, wherever you find yourself in the Valentine’s cosmos, I am sending you out a great big virtual valentine. Do you like chocolate? Then that’s what I send you. Roses? Here are 5 dozen. Jewelry? Take your pick; it’s on me. Valentines to you all, not because you’re lovely or the favorite or the most popular – but just because you are you.

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day to Us, Every One

  1. Thank you! I’ll accept what I hope is a virtual hug. I won’t get one from anyone else.

  2. Thanks Susan! And by the way, I love the Necco hearts. Your picture of them has given me a craving; they are my favorite!

  3. Thanks, Susan! Kudos to you for this very thoughtful message.
    As far as I am concerned, I personally think that Valentine’s Day is a bit overrated. Maybe I did receive a dozen roses once on V. Day in 71 years, I’m not really sure, but it was circa 1970.
    No wonder the exact date escapes me. There was a valentine on the kitchen table for me this AM, and I also put one there for Joe, so I should consider myself blessed and I do.

  4. Thank you for your precious Valentine Susan!! I very much like what you wrote about Valentine’s Day and I agree with you 100%.

  5. A man a little older than myself volunteers here at school each morning, helping 6th graders who struggle with math. He’s a great guy and has a wonderful wife. I told him today, “Be SURE you get your wife a box of candy today!”
    He said, “NO – I do NOTHING for Valentine’s Day!”
    I could tell that was a battle I would not win, but I tried to make one lady happy today.
    Nothing ventured – nothing gained. . .

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