Easy Valentine Candy Treat

I teach piano lessons, and I wanted an easy and inexpensive Valentine treat for my students.

I decided to make Valentine Bark – easy, pretty, and yummy!

easy valentine bark candy

Easy Valentine Candy Treat: Valentine Bark

16 oz. of white chocolate – mine was called vanilla candy coating

bag of pretzels

bag of Valentine M&M’s

pink/red sprinkles

candy canes

Very easy:  just arrange pretzels on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Melt white candy coating (I used microwave) and pour it over the pretzels, and then sprinkle with M&M’s and pieces of candy cane and sprinkles. Refrigerate until solid and break into pieces.

Here is an adorable topper that I stapled to the bag tops.

valentine goodie bagsThe candy coating made enough candy to fill about 14 of the snack size bags.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

9 thoughts on “Easy Valentine Candy Treat

  1. I love your Valentine treats for your piano students! Looks good, tastes great, and bound to make a hit with all!! Maybe I would have taken lessons more than 8 years if my teacher from yesteryear would have been so thoughtful and generous.
    Of course, my lessons only cost $1 up to $2 back then, which wouldn’t leave much for confectioneries.

  2. Hey there, Susan! I came over from my friend Joy’s blog– this is super cute! Thanks for sharing. I’ve gotta try this out. 🙂

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