Childhood Memories Friday: Snow Days

Childhood Memories FridayThis week we’ve had not one, not two, but three snow days. So, I am thinking about snow days of years gone by.

I remember the excitement of a snow day announcement when I was a child. Woo hoo! No school! And back then, there was the added joy of knowing that there were no “make up days.” No, a missed day was truly a missed day. Woo hoo indeed!

Also back then, there were no delays. When I began teaching in 1989, school frequently called 1-hour, 2-hour, and even occasionally 3-hour delays. These could be due to fog, ice, snow, whatever. I had never heard of this concept, but I’m quite familiar with it now.

While we didn’t have this type of delay, I do remember a coal strike while I was in junior high. We went to school several hours late each day for months so that the school could use less coal in heating, I guess. I also remember that we didn’t have hot lunches during that time. We ate a lot of fluffernutter sandwiches – peanut butter and marshmallow cream, which I thought was divine. I loved this strike because I clearly remember calculating the lost minutes of P.E. class it caused. Any minute less in gym class was a good minute in my book!

Do you remember snow days during childhood?

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3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Snow Days

  1. This has been educational, as I don’t remember hearing about the coal strike before. I was studying in Canada. Apparently it didn’t hit us there, since I don’t remember it or any modifications to our lifestyle there.

  2. Well, I lived in California growing up, in the areas where there was no snow. So I never knew the excitement of getting a snow day. Now that we live in Colorado my boys get to experience the excitement of snow days. Being a mom eager to get a break, snow days are not that exciting for me. 😉 However, I do enjoy being spared driving in the snow and ice on snow days. It is nice to stay warm and cozy indoors and make big pots of soup.

  3. I do not think Holland School, where I got my education, ever had a snowday. It snowed there. We coped with it. When my own children had snowdays, I loved them. Wilma Cory told me she tried to always make something with yeast on a snow day – like maybe frying doughnuts or making up cinnamon rolls. I tried to do the same. I wanted it to be a happy time for my family!
    Today is a snow day where I work. I plan to spend the greater part of my day sewing doll clothes for American Girl dolls for granddaughters. I still try to do things to make my family happy. Making yeast rolls today would not affect them, but getting doll clothes on Valentine’s Day will!

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