Childhood Memories Friday: Little Animals

The other day, my kids were cleaning their rooms and gathered up a bunch of vintage little animal toys.

vintage little animal toysMost of them were mine when I was little. I loved playing with little things, whether they were Fisher Price Little People (my favorite), Kiddles, or little animals like these.

vintage little animal toysThe elephant is attached to a string with a ball on the end – if you hang the ball off the edge of a table, he will “walk.”

vintage little animal toysThis doggie is missing a foot, although you can’t see it here. Hey, some of these animals are almost 50 years old!

I remember one year, I think in sixth grade, for Christmas our teacher let us choose two little plastic animals as a gift.

What is the allure of small things to kids? Maybe it’s just that the little things’ size seems manageable. I must confess that even today, I find them charming.

One thought on “Childhood Memories Friday: Little Animals

  1. As a child, when I went to my Huntingburg dentist, after the dental work, I was allowed to choose one small plastic figure. As I recall, they were displayed in a small plastic container about the size of a Velveeta Cheese box. They were like what used to come in Cracker Jack. Have you noticed how Cracker Jack prizes have declined over the years? I guess you have to be pretty old to remember how good they used to be!

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