Strawberry Milano Cupcakes


One thing I enjoy about blogging are the freebies that come my way.

Strawberry Milano CookiesAwhile back, the girls and I were excited to be the beneficiaries of a case of Strawberry Milano cookies.

They were good, but really? How many Milanos can you eat?

That’s why I was happy to find this recipe for Strawberry Milano cupcakes using them.

We made the recipe as described. Here we’re adding crushed Milano cookies to the batter:

making cookiesOut of the oven, but not too exciting yet:

muffinsBut after they were iced and decorated with yet more crushed Milanos, they became a thing of beauty:

muffins…at least we thought so.

What recipes have you tried out lately? Read more over at Dark Side of the Fridge‘s …

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Milano Cupcakes

  1. Oh my! It never would have occurred to me to put cookies in cupcakes!

    And mmmmm. . . Milanos. 😀

    Thanks for joining in this month!

  2. I am glad to know there are some PERKS in your blogging. I know it takes so much of your time and thought to create five blogs/week.
    I try new recipes all the time. I made a new cookie recipe for the holidays and I made a different cranberry jello recipe for Thanksgiving. Making new recipes for guests does not scare me one bit. They nearly always turn out well. It’s all a matter of following directions.
    Since today is a snowday I am making salmon patties. I love them and they are good for you!

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