Childhood Memories Friday: Princess Diana Doll

Yesterday I wrote of my … um, lack of excitement over the new Kate Middleton doll. But 29 years ago, another royal doll captured my imagination. Because for that Christmas, I was very excited to receive a Princess Diana doll!

Princess Diana doll

Princess Diana doll

There I am, a college freshman, posing excitedly with my Diana bride doll, with my grandma looking on (maybe she gave me the doll? I don’t remember). I remember finding Diana in the JCPenney catalog and putting her on my Christmas list. In many photos I have of my grandma, she looks pretty “flat,” so I love it that she’s smiling here. You know, who wouldn’t smile in the presence of such a gift? 🙂

I also remember buying Charles after Christmas with my own money – poor guy, I think he was reduced to about 75% off. I was happy to have the pair, but let’s face it:  a Prince Charles doll just doesn’t have the “it” factor of Diana.

Princess Diana collection

Charles and Diana may have parted in real life, but in my world, they are still standing happily in an antique secretary in the living room. I love the way the new upcoming royal wedding is bringing back all the wonderful memories from that royal wedding, and all the hopes it brought, however fleeting they may have been in reality.

Life is a rough biography.  Memories smooth out the edges.  ~Dante G. Roque

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  1. I was happy, too, to see Grandma! It brought back good memories.

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