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Recently I saw a giveaway at a blog. I wanted to sign up. So, I scrolled down to look for how to enter. And I found it. Holy cow, I found it. Here’s a rough idea:

Would you like to win the $25 Target gift card? Just follow these directions!

1. MANDATORY ENTRY – if this one is not included, no other entries will count!

Become a follower of my blog.

2. Get an extra entry for going to and telling me something you would like to buy if you win!

3.  Get another entry if you tweet about this contest.

4.  Get another entry if you post my contest on facebook.

5.  Get an extra *two* entries if you tell someone about this contest and they come enter and mention your name!

6.  Get an extra *three* entries if you link to my blog in a post on your blog about my contest!

At this point, I just decided I would rather just skip all that mess and spend my own money at Target.

Really, many blog giveaways have become just that ridiculous. And I am sad.

I can see what the bloggers are doing. Many companies out there want to work with bloggers who have thousands of “followers” (one reason I’m very thankful I began my blog with wordpress rather than blogger is that we don’t have the “follow” option. I could have a thousand “following” my blog or none – and I guess none of us will ever know). They want to work with bloggers whose blogs are linked on Twitter, Facebook, and other blogs.

And the whole thing just seems contrived to me. I would like people to come here to read because I have something to say – not because of some gimmick.

I do post most every week day. And, actually I do have a current giveaway. You can enter if you like, but relax. I won’t make you tweet about it or post it on facebook or on  your blog. You don’t even have to follow me :).

8 thoughts on “Come, Follow Me

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blogging and hope it never ends, although I know it takes you a lot of TIME!

  2. I know what you mean – you see this giveaway, and you can enter by leaving a comment. Then do something else and leave another comment, then something further, and . . . really? By the time I run all over the internet, doing things and returning to comment about them, I probably forgot what I was entering to win anyway.

    I, too, much prefer my tens of readers to be here because they want to be. 🙂

  3. I just wrote about the same thing on my blog!! It’s so frustrating! I’m on blogger so you HAVE to have all those followers to get anywhere! maybe WordPress is my answer! Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. Oh, and I did decide to follow you. 😉 All on my own free will!

  4. Blogger giveaways like that drive me nuts, and sadly, I’ve run into a lot of ’em. To me, it just feels so much better to know that people are reading and following my blog because they enjoy it, and not becaue I’m bribing them;)

    Occasionally I do wish you have a “follow” option on your site because then your posts would show up on my dashboard and I’d remember to visit you more often! Love your blog, dear!

  5. Hear, hear! Down with the silly blog giveaways with absolutely ridiculous stipulations and up with gimmick-free platforms like WordPress. For my part, I’m pleased to “follow” blogs with my GoogleReader without having to get my name listed in some sidebar as a “follower”.

  6. I’m so glad to see you say this. I skip so many of them because of the hoops you have to go through. I don’t do facebook. I don’t twitter, and I don’t blog myself. I am also getting annoyed at the coupons where you have to ‘like’ them on Facebook to get. I just don’t need their coupon that much – and probably not their product either.

  7. oh my goodness. I think I am semi-one of those blogs! 🙁
    Well, I started out doing a lot of “extras” but then, when I started entering giveaways too and realizing HOW ANNOYING it is…. I began to seriously cut back on my entry requirements. I only have about 4 ways to enter now… and sometimes I only have one…

    It’s hard b/c 1) yes some companies ask how many GFC followers you have before they will work with you and 2) many companies have given me “requirements” that readers need to like their FB or Twitter to enter!!! I think there’s a bit too much “intrusion” by companies. And it seems to be the smaller companies that are more demanding, although I sort of “get” that b/c they are trying to compete with huge brands and must feel a little desparate to gain followers just like smaller blogs feel that way too.

    I am seriously trying to “get over” worrying about who follows me… b/c you are SOOO right – I would rather have real readers than just people signing up only to win stuff. I am getting there! 🙂

  8. I would like to say Thank you, and I am happy to find your blog 🙂

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