How to Find the Best Deal on Toilet Paper

For many things that I buy all the time, I have in my head a “good deal” price at which I’ll buy the item. However, this goes out the window for toilet paper. I’ve learned that “double roll,” “triple roll,” etc. really don’t mean a thing, because one company’s regular roll may be larger than another company’s triple roll. So how can I compare “apples to apples” to determine the best price for toilet paper?

I read somewhere that the best method is to compare square feet, and that seemed like a good idea. So, I took a trip to Walmart with a paper and pencil and did a little research in the toilet paper aisle. How to Find the Best Deal on Toilet Paper? Here’s what I found out:


Charmin Ultra Soft, 18 double rolls, contained 375 sq. feet for 9.97, or .026 per square foot.

Charmin Ultra Strong, 24 double rolls, contained 501 sq. feet for 12.47, or .024 per square foot.


Cottonelle Ultra, 12 double rolls, contained 246 sq. ft for 6.97, or .028 per square foot.

Cottonelle Aloe A&E, 12 double rolls, contained 363 sq. ft for 6.97, or .019 per square foot.


Scott 24 rolls contained 2515 sq. ft for 16.48, or .006 per square foot.

Angel Soft

Angel Soft, 36 double rolls contained 1200 sq. ft for 16.44, or .013 per square foot.


Ultra Plush, 24 double rolls contained 533 sq. ft for 12.94, or .024 per square foot.

White Cloud

24 double rolls contained 862 sq. ft for 19.98, or .012 per square foot.

Final Costs per square foot, cheapest to most expensive:

1.  Scott .006

2.  White Cloud .012

3.  Angel Soft .013

4.  Cottonelle with Aloe and A&E .019

5.  Charmin Ultra Strong and Northern Ultra Plus (tie) .024

6.  Charmin Ultra Soft .026

7.  Cottonelle Ultra .028

I know that prices vary according to sales, coupons, etc., but I think it’s helpful to see these basic statistics. Although many aren’t big fans of Scott toilet paper, we do use it because my husband likes it. In its defense I must say that we have many fewer clogged toilets when using it. And, my research shows that it’s a much better deal than the “softer” brands – more than 4 times cheaper than Cottonelle Ultra!

I once read that a good price for toilet paper was a penny per square foot. That’s easy to determine based on square footage – for instance, the first pack of Cottonelle listed at 246 square feet should cost $2.46 (good luck finding that price). However, with Scott the recommended bargain price for 2515 square feet would be $25.15 – higher than the actual price of $16.48! You can see how it really “pays” to compare square footage!


13 thoughts on “How to Find the Best Deal on Toilet Paper

  1. Thanks for doing the homework for me. I’ve been wondering about which is the best deal. Of course, yesterday I saw on TV how companies are now making smaller rolls instead of increasing the prices. Hopefully that doesn’t throw off your homework.

  2. HI Susan! What a cool blog! Thanks for finding me. I’ll be writing on my blog again by next week.

  3. I emailed Cottonelle in June 2010 about my dismay with them gradually reducing the content of their products. I am a pack rat and have various packages in the attic. They vary in content. In the older section I have 12 double rolls containing 600 sq. feet. Since then I have packages of 12 double rolls containing 528 square feet. At the top of the heap is a 12 pack – double containing 430.8 sq. feet. I did not record the prices of any of them. Kimberly-Clark’s response was to send a few coupons and tell me they were glad to hear from me and they’d keep my views in mind. Yeah, I’m sure they will. . .
    Some years ago, after an aunt died, we were going through her household items. Included in them was an old package of Charmin – a 4 pack. The thing was HUGE!

  4. I think Scott has to be that much cheaper because you have to use 3X more of it to get as clean as other brands, LOL!

  5. thank you so much for the analysis!! With the grocery store sales and coupons this TP stuff is driving me nutttzzzz. But the price per square foot or per square inch is the way to go.
    I got POM (at sam’s club) for .0083 cents per square foot….57sq ft per roll, 40 rolls in a box for $19. Its not the fluffy stuff but its not the thin scott either. I find my kids use the same amount regardless of the thickness.

  6. I was a devoted Charmin customer until I inherited a few rolls of Scott TP from a tenant who left it behind. I tried them at home and now I cannot imagine using anything else. Yes, you have to use a few more squares, but not enough to even come close to offsetting how much more paper you get per roll. One roll lasts FOREVER. I couldn’t believe it. It’s less expensive to begin with, plus it lasts so much longer on top of this. I love a bargain so I am in love with this toilet paper now. And, since this paper not as froofy and pumped full of air like some of the others, I’m enjoying the extra traction I get with Scott. 🙂

    Once again, for a single person or family with kids…it works great and IT LASTS FOREVER!!!

  7. I am on a mission to find the perfect tp. Experienced a commercial variety and have been trying to hunt it down in the consumer division. Contaced someone at Georgia Pacific (producer of variety I liked) and they said it was not available for the average consumer. It was strong, soft and a huge roll.
    I am now a Scott user, but would like to find this variety. I was also told that it was environmentally good. I guess producers want us to buy more and use more. Why oh why cant this product be available to every consumer AND help our environment? Georgia Pacific please respond…………………

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