Bronner’s: Christmas Land

On our way to our Christmas destination, I requested that we stop at the Bronner’s, the world’s largest Christmas store. Because, while some may see it as kitschy and over-the-top, I love it.

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasI guess I am not alone.

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasSuch a fun place, with the smiling faces and cheery music – I bet it would be fun to live in this atmosphere all year :).

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasSo, tell me:  do black people want black Santas? Because this just looks weird to me (although I guess an argument could be made against the standard-issue caucasian Jesus).

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasWhen you carry over 50,000 items, there are plenty of interesting ones. Like ornaments dedicated to cell phones or texting …

Bronner's Frankenmuth Christmas… or pigs.

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasWhy is this bride mannequin decorated mermaid-style with ornaments? The world may never know.

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasAnd of course my all-time favorite:  Santa worshiping Baby Jesus, disturbing to me on so many levels. Yet apparently there are folks out there who like it, as it just doesn’t seem to go away.

Bronner's Frankenmuth ChristmasOf course, there were tons of pretty and nice things too, but a post about them just wouldn’t be as interesting, now would it?

No, this isn’t the work of Fritz from The Nutcracker – seems just hours after we visited, the store was visited by some Grinches. You’ll be glad to know they’ve all now been brought to justice.

3 thoughts on “Bronner’s: Christmas Land

  1. Love love love the pig ornaments! 😆

    I picked up some glass flying pig ornaments a few years back – they’re among my favorites, and no, I don’t know why, except that they tickle me.

  2. I’ve visited that store on at least three occasions and loved the time I spent there.

  3. Yes, that famous Christmas store is quite fascinating any time of the year, but even more so during the holiday season! While I have only been there twice in my entire life, I loved it also! And after many years have passed since my last visit there, I do still have in my collection several ornaments from the store. Thanks for your short tour and comments for 2010!

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