Childhood Memories Friday: Little Christmas Tree


The Little Christmas Tree

pinecone Christmas treeIt’s a little Christmas tree I made in first grade. He’s not looking so sharp anymore, and to be truthful there’s been more than one occasion when I’ve considered trashing him. But something about him says, “Keep me!”

pinecone Christmas treeI don’t know. Maybe there’s something poignant about the way the gold spray-painted macaroni noodles are coming loose. Maybe it’s the aerosol lid base (is it just me, or were there many more aerosol cans in my childhood than there are now?).  Maybe it’s the faded paper-punched “ornaments” clinging to the fragile branches.

Or maybe it’s an almost-forgotten memory of sitting in Miss Wilson’s class, doing my best to pry paste out of the jar (remember that awful paste? I remember the teacher scooping out containers for each of us each year. Had Elmer’s glue not been invented?). Maybe I was turning around, grinning shyly at my “boyfriend” Keith or daydreaming about recess and playing quicksand monsters. Life was fresh and new, full of new pinecones, paper, and pasta.

pinecone Christmas treeWhatever it is, he is going into his box, safe for another year.

May his star shine brightly into the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Photos courtesy of Caroline

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