We Need a Little Chinchilla

pet chinchillaWe need a little chinchilla,

Right this very minute

Because our house is not complete

Without a chinchilla in it.

And we need another furry creature living here among us

We need a wee chinchilla now.

Yes, we now have a pet chinchilla in addition to our three rabbits and our hedgehog. Don’t ask too many questions. I blame it on a moment of weakness in a pet store where I saw the cutest little furry creature with its paw pressed onto the side of the glass. I know!

Did you know that chinchillas clean themselves by taking dust baths? It’s true. The chinchilla dust bath is a real treat for Chili a few times each week. She goes into the bath (along with some special dust), and rolls around happily. It’s really cute to watch.

chinchilla in dust bathChinchillas originated in the mountains of Peru, and as such they love to jump and be in high places. So, a Leap and Ledge filled the bill nicely. It’s one of her favorite places to lounge around, and this is a common sight:

pet chinchilla on ledge

We are loving Chili. Do you know anyone with a pet chinchilla? What do you know about chinchillas?

6 thoughts on “We Need a Little Chinchilla

  1. Miss Davis, who teaches at our school, has one. Hers lives in a parrot cage that she’s spray painted purple.

  2. So adorable!! I wish I could pet her she looks so soft. It would be so fun to come to your house and visit with you, the girls and all your pets.

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