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I love Christmas! And I think that no matter my age, I always will. My favorite thing about Christmas is the music. I have Christmas music playing in the house most all the time from the day after Thanksgiving.

My second favorite thing about Christmas is the TV shows. I love ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas Christmas show “marathon” and watch whenever I can make time.

Which shows do I love? Just as the traditional great hymns of the faith are my favorite Christian music, the traditional Christmas shows are my favorite TV fare.

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is a favorite, and perhaps it’s meant to be:  the show was created the year of my birth (1964). I can do a mean imitation of Rudolph saying, “It’s not very comfortable” (bonus points if you remember why he says that), and I think I know most all the lyrics to “There’s Always Tomorrow.”

Lesser known but no less loved is “Nestor the Long Eared Donkey.” If you can make it through the part where Nestor’s mom dies dry-eyed, you’re better than I. It’s so sweet, and when I taught I recommended we show it to the school during the time when teacher cleaned up their rooms just before Christmas break. It’s a testament to my school principal that he allowed it – with its Christian message (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are prominently featured). No way that would be shown in my kids’ schools today.

While we’re on the true meaning of Christmas, we can’t forget “The Little Drummer Boy.” The music in this is so gorgeous, and there’s another no-dry-eye moment when that poor little lamb is run over. Who could not love this show?

I love “Frosty the Snowman” as well, and the scene above is the most memorable to me … the growing dread I feel when Frosty happily goes into the greenhouse to help keep Karen warm (don’t do it, Frosty – don’t do it!), hoping for a different ending even though I know what’s coming …  Ah, that evil, evil Professor Hinkle the magician!

“Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” is another favorite; I love the way the show tells us about Santa (er, Kris)’s growing-up years, and also the German emphasis (Burgermeister Meisterburger!). It’s sweet that Kris and Jessica get married, but then shocking that in the next scene they’ve both apparently aged 40 years and gained about 100 pounds. Just things you notice when you’ve watched 25+ times …

Ah, no Christmas show post would be complete without a Charlie Brown mention! I have a bit more of Charlie Brown’s melancholy, philosophical bent than I would like, but darn it, I can relate to the poor guy. And I love Linus’ recitation of the Christmas story (I was doing research for an article lately and found that although the producers didn’t want the Biblical story in the show, Charles Schultz reportedly said, “If we don’t do it (put the Bible story in), who will?” Good for him!).

The Christmas shows I’m not fond of are the new ones – last night my kids were watching one that combined Rudolph and the Tooth Fairy. I am not making this up. Sorry, but once Frosty is hanging out with the Baby New Year, I think you’ve gone too far. Stick with the tried-and-true classics, I say.

So, what about you? Which Christmas show is your all-time favorite?

5 thoughts on “Christmas TV Shows

  1. I really watch very few of them. I either have something that night or do not realize they are on – although I kept a special section that listed all holiday programming. I noticed something new this year. I found a radio station that plays Christmas music around the clock from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I had it playing last Saturday, but I found it depressing. I was telling a friend who is older than I am about my feelings and she said, “I cannot listen to Christmas music for that reason.”

  2. oh you have named ALL of my favorites. I love them all. I can never find those ones on though?

    I forgot ABC Family did that though. I need to flip through and set them all to record! I hope I haven’t missed any of my favorites, thanks so much for the reminder!

    Thanks for commenting on my Mom Blog Magazine feature. I really really really appreciate it!

  3. Isn’t that when Rudolph has to wear that black nose to make his red one not show? yay! I GET BONUS POINTS

  4. Do you remember Santa and the Three Bears? I remember when I was young that used to come on TV Thanksgiving night. Some years later they started playing the movie Home Alone on Thanksgiving night. Fun times! I used to love to watch all the classic Christmas shows when my boys were little. I bought the video tapes and every Christmas I would put in the tapes and the boys would watch them over and over. Then one Christmas morning PBS played The Snowman. Oh, the music and the artwork just blew me away. I also like the movies “The Christmas List” with Mimi Rogers (she plays Melody Paris) and “The Gathering” with Ed Asner and Maureen Stapleton. I just recently ordered “The Gathering” on DVD from Amazon. Still waiting for “The Christmas List” to go on DVD. But I think my all time favorite movie for Christmas is “The Nativity”.

  5. 1. Charlie Brown
    2. Garfield
    3. Rudolph
    4. Little Drummer Boy

    1. The Homecoming [pilot for the Waltons only better]
    2. The Bishop’s Wife
    3. Bells of St. Marys
    4. Christmas with the Kranks
    5. Santa Claus the Movie

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