Baby Sock Snowmen

I’m not one to keep every vestige of my kids’ childhoods. My girls are now 9, 11 and 13, and I’ve learned that elastic loses its stretch, fabrics yellow, and other things just look … old after a while.

However, I enjoy keeping bits and pieces that can trigger memories. And one way I’ve done that is to make snowmen from my girls’ baby socks. I can’t remember where I found this idea, but it was on a blog.

How to Make Baby Sock Snowmen

Take a baby sock (a white one – this is a snowman, after all). Cut off the top; this will serve as a hat. Stuff the foot of the sock loosely with fiberfill and embroider a simple face on the snowman – I use black floss and lots of French knots to simulate those bits of coal. Use a bit of orange felt to cut a carrot nose.

Tie the open end shut with a piece of thread.

Now on to the hat. Take the piece you’ve cut off. I prefer using socks that have a bit of a fancy edge on them, because this can become the bottom part of the hat that will be seen. The edge is already finished.  Use a needle and thread to run a basting stitch around the top, cut edge of the hat and gather it up, knotting the thread so it will stay gathered. You can finish it with a pompom on top.

Tie a felt scarf beneath the snowman’s face and you’re ready to go! If the socks are a bit dirty, that ‘s okay – hey, there’s dirty snow, you know!

baby sock snowmen

One year I made each of my girls one of these, and of course made one for myself too.

Here’s to creating less clutter, and more small, yet meaningful mementoes of childhood …


3 thoughts on “Baby Sock Snowmen

  1. I love the idea and I’ll bet the girls like their snowman, too! For people who are low budget, these would cost nearly nothing.

  2. Haha, I like the dirty snowman idea. You should make me one sometime! I could get the sock dirty for you, just leave that to me. 😀

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