Childhood Memories Friday: Downtown Christmas Decorations

In this post about my childhood playhouse, you may have noticed the large Santa head hanging from the porch. How did we get this large decoration? you may ask.

Downtown Christmas Decorations

My dad was a school teacher and principal during my childhood years. He did a variety of side jobs as well; mostly sports-related (those who know me find it odd to learn that my dad lives for sports, since I am basically totally oblivious to them). He also built apartment buildings in the summer and put up the decorations downtown in our town at Christmas. He had a large wooden scaffolding (orĀ  “contraption” as we called it) which he put on the back of a pickup truck. This was needed so that someone could climb high enough to attach the decorations to the streetlights. Usually he would work with a friend; one of them driving and the other putting up the decorations. When a decoration got too old to use, he was free to take it. That’s how we became the proud owners of the Santa head.

I remember one year when I was allowed to help put up the downtown Christmas decorations. It was so fun! I doubt I was allowed on top of the contraption, but maybe I was sitting in the back of the truck, handing things up.

Side note: remember riding in the back of pickup trucks? It was exciting but seemed a bit dangerous, especially when sitting on the “seat” over a tire and you’d go over a big bump. Is it still legal to do that? I also remember my sister riding in the car in her “punkin seat” – we placed it on the floor of the car by the passenger side. No car seats back then, and seatbelts were optional as well. It’s a wonder we all survived!

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Downtown Christmas Decorations

  1. Nice memory! I remember driving my baby niece home from daycare in 1980 (I babysat her on Friday evenings when I came home from IU). I’d plunk her and the diaper bag on the passenger seat and hope for the best. Scary!

  2. Nightly we’d load up and drive through town during the Christmas season, checking to see if any downtown lights had gone out and needed to be replaced. You can always remember your dad has not having a lazy bone in his body.

    After Christmas was over each year, you girls would sadly say, “Christmas is over. . . but there’ll be another one!”

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