More Glimpses of Heaven

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	 More Glimpses of HeavenGrab a box of Kleenex, because you’re going to need it when you read More Glimpses of Heaven: Inspiring True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Life’s Journey.  Written by hospice nurse Trudy Harris, this book is full of brief stories about the end of life.

The stories are all poignant:  the child with leukemia who keeps hanging on until he feels sure his mom can handle life without him, the many folks who see deceased friends and relatives – even Jesus – coming to “visit” shortly before they make their final journey. It’s a comforting book, even though I dare you to read it without crying.

It also made me wonder what it must be like to be a hospice nurse. On the one hand, what a privilege to be with people as their lives on this earth come to an end. On the other hand, how draining that must be.

“More Glimpses of Heaven” is available from Revell, who provided me a copy in exchange for this review.

2 thoughts on “More Glimpses of Heaven

  1. I could share some stories about end-of-life experiences of patients I’ve been with. What a comfort to know that Christ walks those last steps with us. I’ve never been a hospice nurse per se, but have been with people near the end of their lives.

  2. I give piano lessons to a hospice nurse – in fact, she comes today. She is a saint and feels a real calling to her ministry. Can’t think of anyone I’d rather have with me when I die than Mary. . .

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