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menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday arrives again:

Last week, at dinnertime one of my daughters was frantically searching for a leftover, because “we haven’t had anything I like for dinner all week.” Oops. You know, it’s hard making things that are good (or even acceptable) to five different people. In an effort to improve, I asked the kids to write down things they would like to have for dinner.

So, that’s what I’m working from this week. Don’t think I’ll go for the “dessert for dinner” idea (although it does sound yummy).

Monday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches – we’ve had these before and they’re easy and good.

Tuesday: Zesty Chicken Tortilla Bake – a repeat; it is good.

Wednesday: Tomato Soup and Focaccia Breadone daughter requested the bread and another the soup. I’ve never made tomato soup – anyone have a good recipe? Otherwise I may just buy some :).

Thursday: Football Fiesta Casserolea family favorite

Friday: Good Earth meal kit – Mediterranean Chicken. Okay, one of my kids requested “Hamburger Helper.” I am not making this up. So, this is a good alternative. Maybe not as good as “dessert for dinner,” but hopefully close enough.

What are you eating this week — what’s on your Menu Plan Monday?

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. What a nice mom you are! 🙂

    I’ve come to realize, even with just the two of us, that when one person does all the meal planning, sometimes things get a little . . . slanted. Peeps is starting to take a little more active role lately – so he’s not quite so offended by the mountains of kale and the baskets of squash lately!

  2. Your menu for the week looks great. I would really love your football casserole. Thank you for sharing.
    Miz Helen

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