Childhood Memories Friday: Spooky Spy Club

Childhood Memories FridaySecret clubs:  most kids want to be part of one, and I was no exception. I’d like to say I had a “What Would Jesus Do” club, or maybe a Pioneers Club or even an Arts & Crafts Club, but what my friend Trina and I came up with was … The Spooky Spy Club.

Meetings were held in our cool backyard playhouse, built by my dad. We hung a large plastic spider from the ceiling and made up a Spooky Spy Club pledge, which we would recite seriously with hands over our hearts, while looking at the spider.

Beyond that, I can’t recall much that we actually did. If our club ever lived up to its moniker by actually involving spy activity, it has slipped my mind. The one thing I do vividly remember was discussing a plan for tricking a girl who frequently wanted to tag along to our meetings, much to our dismay. We planned to coat a small bar of soap with chocolate, and then trick her into eating it! Did we ever do this? No, but I remember plotting with Trina.

How about you — any clubs that you made up with your friends?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Spooky Spy Club

  1. Since I was the oldest of we three girls, I got to lord it over my younger siblings. For a time I ran the “Everything Hour”. I’d start playing a certain song on the piano by Rossini. My two sisters would come running and our time would begin. I know I played one song for them on the piano and they took turn popping up from behind a living room chair to sing their solo lines an then the song ended with both sisters lustily singing together. I also remember going to G. C. Murphys in Huntingburg once and buying something that came in a tube which you could use to blow strong bubbles. That was used for an activity for one meeting. Perhaps my sisters recall more of “Everything Hour.”

  2. I do remember having made up clubs as kids, but I can’t remember them all. I do remember we had a neighborhood bike club for a bit. All of us kids in the neighborhood got together for a bike ride one afternoon. Some kids showed up with trikes, others with big wheels, etc. We decided to ride around the block together. I cannot remember how many of us there were, but it was enough that one of the neighbors called the police on us because they thought we were up to no good. The police found us and told us to all go home. Bummer!

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