Childhood Memories Friday: I used to think …

Childhood Memories FridayEvery now and then, I’ll remember something I used to think as a child. When you have kids of your own (or work around kids), you’re constantly reminded that kids’ minds just work a bit differently. I remember my oldest daughter being about 3 and excitedly looking behind her as she ran from a pool, saying “Mom, my feet are making handprints!”

So, although I have probably shared some of these before, here are some things I remember thinking as a child …

  • When I was about kindergarten age, I thought that when your body was hollow, and when you ate food, it went down and began to fill you in, beginning  with your toes. I thought it would be so interesting to dig around and see what I could find … had I ever actual eaten a beet? etc. Also, I wondered what would happen if your food level went up to your mouth. I guessed you were done eating for good at that point!
  • Many words I knew verbally, but didn’t know how they looked in print. I remember the “ah ha!” moment when  teacher wrote “Europe” on the board and pronounced it. I had always thought that that word was an unknown place known as Ee – a – rope.
  • My mom emphasized that kids would try to get me to smoke, drink, try drugs, etc. – but not to do it! I cast a wary eye towards many new people, wondering if he or she would be the one to attempt to lead me astray. Once I became an adult, I looked back and realized it really hadn’t been that hard to walk the straight and narrow …

Are there things you remember thinking as a child, that now seem childish, charming, or just plain silly?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: I used to think …

  1. I remember sweeping the kitchen in our farm home, while growing up. The thought came to me – I cannot stop time, even if I try!

    That same thought has come to me often since, and each time I am quite a bit older than the previous time and it is so true.

  2. I remember walking into the public library as a young child, being overwhelmed with sadness because there were so many books and I knew I would never be able to read them all. Words have always been important to me–either reading them or writing them.

    Little has changed. I’d still far rather read or write a book (if there is no crushing deadline on the writing) than keep my house neat, etc.

  3. Fun post! I remember reading the word “albeit” and trying to pronounce it–then learning it was just as it sounded! Funny what we remember.

  4. In elementary school I used to try to make walking home from school fun. I used to imagine that I was in the woods and the road was a river. Any mean nasty boys I met on the way were bears and should be avoided.

  5. Love your blog and Attic Girl has me feeling very guilty for not commenting.
    This post got me thinking about some of the cute things my littlest says. After going to the “Wizard of Oz” musical this summer, he has incessantly talked about how much he loved the Wizzardyboz!
    While I listened to talk radio yesterday, he said, “Mom, who is Rice Grandma?” I had no idea what he meant until my other child said, “He means Rush Limbaugh!”

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