Run Like the Wind

You could say we’re a pretty unathletic family. As a child, I still remember practicing for hours in a vain attempt to serve the volleyball over the net (I still remember wondering, as I stared at my red arm, How on earth does anyone do this?). I don’t think I ever accomplished that goal.

We don’t go to sports events. We don’t watch sports on TV (well, I do tune in to figure skating and occasionally gymnastics during the Olympics).

All this to say, it was a totally new experience when my middle daughter announced last month that she wanted to join the middle school cross country team.

Okay. It’s running. It’s good physical fitness. It doesn’t take special equipment or a skill that must have been honed since toddlerhood.

She signed up and began running at the practices daily after school. Soon she was running a mile or more each evening.

She really enjoys it — and it has gone beyond enjoying it just because her friend is on the team.

I went along to the big meet the team participated in Saturday. The first glimpse of all the people and tents reminded me of the battle scene in the Narnia movies.

cross country meetAnd … they were off!

cross country meetThey ran the 1.8 mile course, and then the finish line beckoned (there she is, on the right in the red uniform. See her?

cross country meetAhhh … finished!

cross country meetAnd, she did great – finishing 40th out of the 240 girls in the reserve race. She got 6th place in her team, qualifying her for reserve status (which I am learning is good).

cross country meetOn to cheer on others … and then back home.

A new experience, a fun day.

2 thoughts on “Run Like the Wind

  1. Good for her! Running gets endorphins flowing. May she still be able to do it in her golden years! I was jogging three miles/day before leaving for Africa. Now I do well to walk up and down the hallways in the building where I work.

  2. Tell Isabel I am so PROUD of her!
    Make sure she has excellent shoes!

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