Out West Vacation 2010: Monument Valley

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We drove on from Mesa Verde. We were near the 4 Corners area, where 4 states come together. I would have liked to have stopped there, but we heard at the hotel that construction was going on and you couldn’t get to the spot. The hotel clerk also reinforced some notions that were forming:  there are lots of Indians out here, and these days the Indians are big into commerce – hey, not that I’m blaming them. Apparently, one tribe was in charge of the 4 Corners spot and charged admission to that. Another tribe was in charge of the more general area and charged separately for that. The clerk warned us that the one tribe would charge us to get to the general area, while not letting us know that the 4 corners spot itself was inaccessible. So, we skipped it altogether.

On to drive through forsaken southern Utah and Monument Valley, where my husband said many movies were filmed. It was a picturesque landscape, that’s for sure. Mile after mile of stuff like this, first arising far off and then growing larger and larger as we approached:

Monument ValleyIn the nearer distance, the occasional grazing sheep:

Monument Valley sheepMexican Hat: see it?

Monument Valley Mexican HatAgain with the odd juxtaposition of grand sights just next to abject poverty:

Monument Valley trailersThis was basically a drive-along site, although there were many spots to get out and look around or take photos. Often, Indians had huts set up where they were selling jewelry and what-not. We stopped at this one and the girls bought some things.

Monument Valley selling jewelryGrand, grand, grand … God’s handiwork beats man’s, that’s for sure.

Monument Valley

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  1. Well when your three got hit up with the assignment: Write a page about what you did last summer… – they should have plenty of material!

  2. It has been awhile since I revisited Monument Valley in my mind, so I vicariously enjoyed your trip there. Neat pictures! Whenever Joe and I run across a John Wayne Western movie on TV, I try to figure out if it was filmed in Monument Valley or not. On my tour through there, we were also told that many of the Space movies get filmed there because much of the space is so desolate that it pretty much looks like the surface of the moon. Yet another of those places that I really don’t need to travel back to, but everyone should see it once!

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