Indiana State Fair, Part Deux

You long-timers may remember our trip to the Indiana State Fair last year. Well, the girls had 3 projects at the 2010 state fair, and that fact was an irresistible draw, pulling me and pulling me towards Indianapolis … must. see.State.Fair! No one else in the family was feeling quite this way, but in the end I convinced two children to venture along with me, after they were promised that this would be a condensed version of the fair, not the whole kit-n-caboodle.

Indiana State FairWe arrived, parked, and then crossed the huge parking lot to get to the actual fair, all in that humid mid-90s heat that has been so common around these parts this summer.

I had promised the kids that one stop would be the rabbit barn, and there the poor things were, sweating away.

Indiana State Fair rabbitsHey, I remember this guy from last year:  a poor baby turkey wanting to possess something, but having nothing, apparently, to possess …

Now, in the interest of consistency, why don’t the leghorn chicks get the same treatment?

I paid $7 for strawberry shortcake, which after dropping $6 for an elephant ear, didn’t seem so outrageous.

I love looking at all the things people have brought and made. Apparently, one new trend is to make and/or clothe realistic baby dolls. These kind of reminded me of those dolls you see advertised in the Sunday coupons each week.

They simultaneously fascinate and terrify me. Can I get an amen?

Indiana State Fair sewingThe state fair always seems to signal the end of summer to me. It’s been a good one …

3 thoughts on “Indiana State Fair, Part Deux

  1. Way to go Sophie. Great looking skirt! Have you worn it to school yet?

  2. So Sophie made a skirt? It seems impossible that she would know how to do that. Time moves on, doesn’t it?

  3. $6 for fried dough? I won’t even ask what they charged for a pork chop dinner! I remember skirt year in 4-H. My mom still cringes at the memory of her totally geeky daughter [ahem, that would be ME] modeling it at the county fair!! Great job on that skirt–she really picked a fashionable shade of green. In Ohio our county fair is the end of the month–kids get a week off school for it since FFA and 4-H are HUGE in our county!

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