Out West Vacation 2010: Santa Fe

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We drove into Santa Fe on a Sunday. It seemed odd to not be going to church, but it was nice that we at least got to visit some churches on this Sunday morning.

Santa Fe was the lone place in the west I had been before. Back in 1983 I was a national finalist for the Girls Club Career Key competition, and got to take my second-ever plane flight there for the convention (my first flight had been the previous year, to the Girls Club convention in Boston). It was fun to see many things just as I’d remembered them from back then.

The Market now, 2010:

Santa Fe New Mexico marketThe Market, April 1983:

Santa Fe New Mexico market 1980sSee what I mean? It was kind of like deja vu, walking by and seeing it again.

It was really nice to stroll through Santa Fe on a Sunday morning. There weren’t many people around, and the weather was perfect. We saw San Miguel Mission, America’s oldest church:

Santa Fe New Mexico market San Miguel churchAnd Cathedral Basilica St. Francis was really lovely:

Santa Fe New Mexico cathedral St. Francis Santa Fe New Mexico cathedral

We did a little shopping at the market, which was fun, and then enjoyed more of the quirkiness that is Santa Fe.

Santa Fe whimsy horseIt was a very pleasant Sunday morning! And with that, we drove off to Los Alamos …

2 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2010: Santa Fe

  1. Interesting stuff. Were you near Demming NM? That’s where Stuarts were married so very long ago, when Uncle Gordon was stationed there in the Air Force in WWII.

  2. They were married in 1944, six months before I was born. Uncle Gordon trained pilots in the Army Air Corp and lamented that he never got to go out of the US.

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