Childhood Memories Friday: Baby Boomer Toys

I’m continuing on with some familiar ’60s and ’70s baby boomer toys – I recently read through a book of popular toys from the era, and here are some that I either had or remember.

Easy Bake Oven

Mine was that unmistakable ’70s green. I didn’t use it a whole lot, but remember the thrill when I did. I remember it being a pain to push the pan into the oven, and then use another pan to push it out the other side. If only cooking could still induce such excitement!

Twister – Monopoly – Mouse Trap

Ah, games. It seems like board games were more popular during my childhood than they are now, but that would make sense – we had no computers, cell phones, ipods, etc. to distract us then.

Twister was a favorite – we didn’t have it, but I remember it a lot from friends’ houses and parties.

Mouse Trap is another memory – I didn’t have one, but remember playing it. It was one of those games that took longer to set up than it actually did to play, and then the trap didn’t always work, etc. I had a similar game, but mine was about Charlie Brown. It probably took an hour to put together the cardboard fence and all the pieces.

Monopoly – don’t we all remember Monopoly? It took forever to play, so a game of Monopoly was a real event. We often played it in segments – one part one day, then finish up the next. What was your favorite playing piece? I love the thimble and the little dog.


Of course, these are still around, but Pez dispensers aren’t new. It’s good to know that the current generation can still experience the joy of pushing a character’s head back to get a sugary little wafer.

Family Affair Dolls

Remember the Family Affair TV show, with Uncle Bill, Buffy, Jody, and Cissy, and of course Buffy’s beloved doll Mrs. Beasley?

family affair buffy doll vintageI still have my little Buffy doll out – she is so pretty! Somewhere, she has a little Mrs. Beasley doll as well …

Magic Rocks

Ah, Magic Rocks. You were supposed to pour a liquid over them and then crystal stalagmites would magically grow from them. They always looked better on the box than they actually turned out …

What are some of your favorite baby boomer toys?

7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Baby Boomer Toys

  1. I missed the Family Affairs dolls–but remember the Beatles dolls. I love Family Affair still–love to watch it. It was so “elegant.” I loved the Peace Corps episode and the Vienna one the most. I had an acqua Easy Bake Oven, played hours of twister and Monopoly [Mousetrap–which friends had–was too much work!] didn’t like Pez [still don’t] and my Mom never would buy the rocks!

  2. My sister still has her Mrs. Beasely doll. I loved Mousetrap. When we played Monopoly we would “smoke” pretzel sticks. When we got tired of eating our smokes, we’d quit playing Monopoly. Mousetrap was a favorite and so was Operation. My Mom’s favorite was Chinese Checkers, so we played that with her. We liked Twister – someone recently referred to dealing with some problems in their life as “playing Twister with an octopus,” and boy, was that a mental picture!

  3. I will always remember one Christmas Eve when a knock was heard on our door. It was the UPS guy delivering the Easy Bake Oven – a prize I won in a contest. The timing was PEFECT! I just looked up the actual information. The contest was sponsored by Kenner. The contest closing date was November 28, 1971 and it arrived December 24, 1971!

  4. I happen to move in circles in which people still enjoy playing board games, etc. I’ve long felt they were a waste of time and my feelings haven’t changed. But MKs (missionary kids) who grew up in remote areas where they didn’t even have electricity, etc. were raised on these games and seem to carry their love for them into adult life. I prefer to watch rather than play.

  5. This is a great post! I remember playing Twister after school at my friend’s house when I was in elementary school. And I remember my other friend getting a mouse trap game for Christmas. And yes, Monopoly would go on forever. My favorite game pieces were the iron and the shoe. My Easy Bake oven was aqua colored, I got it when I was 5 years old. Amazing what you could cook with a light bulb! LOL

  6. I remember the skates with the keys, jump rope, playing hop scotch, walking dolls, davy crocket hats, playing jacks, playing monopoly, the easy bake oven was a lot of fun, you actually thought that you were helping your mom cook. I also remember twister, and oh you can’t forget the tiny tears dolls. It was so much more fun when we were kids especially during christmas, all of the fun with the candy canes and popcorn garland that everyone had on their trees. you also had wonderful christmas stockings filled with toys, good toys not cheap stuff that we get from china, you had nuts, oranges, apples, candy, oh it was so much fun. I will always remember sitting around the christmas tree and waiting for all of the family members so that you could open your gifts to together as a family, it is so sad that kids today don’t realize how much fun that was. well these are my memories of being a kid and christmas day.

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