Out West Vacation 2010: Sedona

Vacation journal continues … after Lowell Observatory, we planned to go to Sunset Crater and Wupatki, but the road was closed due to some flash flooding. It rained a lot when we were out there; unusual it seemed because it’s somewhat of a desert area, but I suppose this was the rainy season. The sky would look really dark and foreboding, and all of the sudden it would pour. Some roads had gulley-type things dug along the sides of them for the run-off.

So, since plan A was out, on to plan B, which was to drive around Sedona, which seemed to be a new age-y, artsy town (all kinds of shops for fortune telling, etc). That part was a little out-there, but the scenery was really awesome – Sedona is surrounded by huge red rock sculptures.

SedonaAlong the road to Sedona – see the red rocks beginning to appear? Sedona was really high up, and we reached it by means of a pretty tortuous path of switchbacks, all along mountain edges. It was pretty freaky to look out the window and down!



Various rock formations had names. The one below is “Snoopy Rock.” See the resemblance to Snoopy lying on his doghouse?

SedonaWe saw the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built into the rock, which was stunning! We walked around it but it was not open to go inside.

Sedona Chapel of the Holy CrossAnd then we left Sedona, still in the misting rain – maybe it disappeared like Brigadoon?


5 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2010: Sedona

  1. I’m so glad that you got to see Sedona, AZ with its natural red beauty unlike anywhere else! The Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs is similar, but it is on a much smaller scale.
    Now I can’t wait for sure to go to Sedona in February 2011.
    Thanks for the colorful inspiration. Keep your vacation pictures coming! We are enjoying them to the fullest, especially with the accompanying narration.

  2. I agree with Leona. I’m enjoying both pictures and narration.

  3. I spent a day in Sedona on my vacation, too! The rocks are incredible. And the town was interesting to walk through, but very hot the day we were there. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was such an oasis to me by the time we got to it in the afternoon. Have fun!

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