Out West Vacation 2010: Flagstaff and Lowell Observatory

We spent a couple of days near Flagstaff, Arizona. We visited Lowell Observatory there – I’d heard of it, but that was about it.

When we first arrived, you could go outside and look at the sun through a telescope set up outside. We got into line, and the kids were able to do that before the guy had to stop in order to start a tour group he was leading.

Lowell Observatory We then went inside to be part of the tour, which we had driven frantically (and had a few interesting GPS moments) to be part of.

And … I hate to say this, as a former teacher and lifelong learner, but I just wasn’t into it. The guy went on and on about the diameter of different telescopes, and I found my mind wandering to finally focus on the unusual details of his pants.

We went outside, and he took us to the famous telescope. I’m not entirely sure, since I was drifting in and out, but I think this is where the existence of Pluto was discovered.

Lowell Observatory One thing I did pick up was that there was a contest over what the new planet should be named. A little girl suggested Pluto, and coincidentally enough, the first 2 letters were Percival Lowell’s initials.

Lunchtime was an interesting experience daily. My husband is of the belief that most humans don’t need to eat it, but those lesser mortals that do should get by on things such as dried fruit and sunflower seeds. On this particular day, I prevailed upon him to go through this unique drive-thru building where the kids got hotdogs:

Flagstaff Dog HausIt’s hard to tell from the photo, but you drive right through the center of the building!

Yes, that sky does look foreboding. We were on to Sedona, and I’ll share more about that next time …

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  1. Your husband’s comments about lunch make me think of Roger. They have more similarities than either of them would want to admit.

  2. I had the same thought about this nibbling on dried fruit and nuts. I think Roger traveled across the U.S. that way. Sounds like John the Baptist. I hope you find your voice!

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