Out West Vacation 2010: Grand Canyon

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Until about a week ago, I hadn’t. I guess my Grand Canyon exposure mainly involved that Brady Bunch episode where the family, complete with their maid, visits the Canyon. They descend on donkeys, and once down there, Bobby and Cindy get lost.

Our experience was a bit different. First, we entered the national park area and found the parking lot, and made our way to the canyon itself, all the while trying to bear in mind how to get back to our vehicle. This was not without its challenges.

But, when I saw the canyon, I have to admit it was really big. And that made it a really awe-inspiring sight:

Grand CanyonWe walked along (and along, and along – the Grand Canyon is huge), and I was immediately surprised to see no railings, no barriers, no nothing separating us in most spots from the great drop-off.

Grand Canyon trailReally, it was pretty scary. My kids kept wanting to pose for pictures out near an edge, and numerous other people were doing the same thing. I was shocked that I didn’t see anyone actually trip and fall over! Then, a few days later, I saw that apparently someone did. And not just adults – not surprisingly, toddlers have died here as well (apparently, this child was the youngest to die as a result of falling in; reportedly most fatalities are males in their 20s and 30s). Did you know that the canyon is one mile deep? That’s quite a fall.

I expressed my surprise at the lack of barriers, and my husband said that because the government owns the park, they can’t be sued and thus don’t have to worry about it.

But still, when I think back about the canyon, that feeling of walking on the edge is what stays with me.

4 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2010: Grand Canyon

  1. From what you just told me, I guarantee you I will NEVER go there. It would freak me out!

  2. Height is one thing I’m terrified of. Believe me, I would not get too close to the edge. I’ve been to the canyon, but don’t recall getting too close to the edge but, that’s probably been more than half my lifetime ago, so what DO I remember about that period of time?

  3. I remember that Brady Bunch episode! Seems like the Duggars went there, too, back in the day when they had a mere 15 or 16 kids–it was in their On The Road With [howmanyeverchildren] special. I’ve always wanted to go!

  4. I’ve been to Grand Canyon three times in my life so far…at ages 10, 35, and 58. It is beautiful and awesome for sure, but that is quite enough times for me! And yes, I was afraid of falling in that 1-mile hole every single time.:) I still like Bryce Canyon better. Did you get to see that one on this trip?

    I think that I will be seeing Grand Canyon at least one more time. Likely it will be in February, 2011 when Joe and I head out to AZ and CA with Land Cruise travel group for 3 weeks.
    I have never seen the canyon in winter, just summer and fall, but Joe has seen it in every season since his Aunt lived in AZ for many years.

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