Out West Vacation 2010: Hoover Dam

I could tell right away after getting off the planes in Denver, and then in Las Vegas, that we weren’t in Indiana anymore.

Nope, not a midwestern look going there.

Our first stop was Hoover Dam. I don’t know anything about dams. Honestly, I keep wanting to even add an “n” to the end of dam when I type it, but then it occurs to me that that’s the bad dam. That’s how little dams figure in my thinking. My only concept of Hoover Dam was that it was a big dam somewhere out west that I had seen pictures of fleetingly.

Hoover DamYes, it is big. (I apologize in advance for errors I’m sure to make in the retelling):  it’s over 400′ thick at the base, although much less at the top where there is a road on top of it, which we drove over. The guide said it actually looks like an upside-down pyramid. It was initiated by Herbert Hoover, but also built during the mad money-spending of the depression era. Several men were killed while making it (which I can totally imagine). While it was being made, they had to re-route the Colorado River to flow in paths on each side of the dam construction. One side of the dam is in Nevada; the other in Arizona.

inside Hoover DamHere you see some of the – um – generators?? – whatever, creating energy from all that water flowing by.

The guide said Hoover Dam is one of the nation’s top 5 (or maybe 10?) terrorist targets or terrorist risk sites …

Hoover Dam bridgeAlmost more impressive than the dam was the huge bridge being built behind it. It will be finished next year.

Do you have any fun Hoover Dam trivia?

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  1. I tried to get there last fall but they were doing costruction on the road to it and the line was backed up for three miles! We turned around and went to Red Rocks park instead…

    And hey, stop by and leave a comment…you’re not even on this year’s blog roll! Sheesh…

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