Out West Vacation 2010: From the Mountains …

big sky out west… to the prairies? Nope, none of them. To the oceans? No, so how about –

Hoover Dammore mountains!

Hoover DamBig dams!

Grand CanyonBig canyons!

Meteor Crater ArizonaBig craters!

El Malpais caveBig (and primitive) caves!

Santa Fe marketBig markets!

Mesa Verde laddersBig climbs up rock faces to ancient dwellings (let me tell you, those Indians had to be pretty sure on their feet)!

Sedona red rock formations

Big rock formations!

St George templeBig temples!

Las Vegas StratosphereBig towers!

Frontier planeGoodbye …

… 4 flight legs and almost 2,000 miles on the rental vehicle later, Out West Vacation 2010 is one for the history books. More to come.

4 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2010: From the Mountains …

  1. I trust you all had a good time. I’m eager to hear the rest of the story.

  2. O beautiful for spacious skys, for waving fields of grain…
    For purple mountains’ majesty above the fruited plains..
    America, America, God shed his grace on thee…
    And crown thy good with brotherhood,
    From sea to shining sea!

  3. I can see you visited Mesa Verde, so you came through Colorado. Isn’t Mesa Verde awesome? Hope you all had fun.

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