Childhood Memories Friday: Toys, Part 2

So, following up on last week’s childhood toys post, here are some more:


My sister and I spent a fair amount of time playing with Barbies, although they didn’t rival the Fisher Price Little People. I had 2 girls and 1 Ken that I remember, and they were joined on occasion by the Sunshine Family and a few Dawn dolls. Remember Dawn?

I see she was just made from 1970-1973.

My aunt (I think??) made us a Barbie wedding dress and bridesmaid dress; we loved staging weddings with those. Also, one year I got a Barbie house from my grandparents. I had a ton of fun with it, and it’s still in the basement:


When I was younger, I enjoyed Kiddles – little dolls; some being a couple of inches and others more like 1/2″. The little ones were usually enclosed in a necklace.

Some came with playsets – I had one that came with a snap-shut vinyl castle playland. I remember loving that! Unfortunately, vinyl doesn’t age well and that particular toy has not survived.


Ah, trolls – those creepy little naked guys with the big tuft of hair. We had several floating around during my childhood, although I don’t really recall playing with them.

Trolls enjoyed an (inexplicable)  resurgence in popularity during my teaching years.

Snoopy and Peanuts Toys

Charlie Brown and his friends seem pretty evergreen, yet they seemed to be more popular when I was a kid. I had a Charlie Brown game that took forever to set up. I remember excitedly waiting for the Peanuts specials to air on TV for each holiday (now we have them on DVD, but somehow it’s not as special as waiting for the official airing). And one year, I got a stuffed Snoopy for Christmas. I really liked him, and still have him:

Hoppity Horse

Ah, the fun my sister and I had with these, hopping along the driveway. She (being the thinner and more athletic one) could even jump rope while hopping on hers! Mine was red, hers was yellow:

Did you have any of these toys? I enjoy your comments about your childhood toys and other memories!

8 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Toys, Part 2

  1. It seems like we got the trolls at a Fall Festival at Redding School. Various tiny dolls were kept in a high kitchen cupboard. To me, keeping things put up, and getting them out occasionally, adds to the thrill of the hunt!

  2. My sister and I used to spend the better part of our summers playing with Barbie dolls with the little girl who lived across the street from my grandmother – Ann Marie. Ann Marie’s mom used to sew Barbie clothes for her all the time – tons of them! She had drawers packed FULL of gorgeous Barbie outfits. I remember that I was SO jealous, even though I really barely cared about “playing Barbies.” But, you know, I might have if I’d had all those Barbie clothes. . .

  3. My era of growing up did not include any of the toys that you mentioned. We were way more outdoors playing badminton, croquet, kick the can, and dodge ball. Yes, I used to be somewhat athletic and tall and skinny, but you’d never know that now. We also enjoyed playing in the corn crib, sliding down the mountain of corn ears, and as I have mentioned a time or two before, walking those barn beams was the greatest thrill of all! My bicycle, ice skates, and sled were my “toys” back then. The indoor activities consisted of reading, playing cards, playing the piano, and a few board games. Parcheezi (?) was a good one.

    My daughter, Julie, absolutely loved the Kittle dolls though!
    And her Barbie collection was huge, because she “inherited” most of hers from a second cousin who had outgrown them.
    What a treasure trove! Julie had a Barbie camper and lots of other good stuff to share with a neighbor girl. I think that most of the Barbie stuff got passed down to my granddaughter, Christie, until they got dumped into garage sale pickin’s.

  4. O! I loved polly pockets when I was younger. They were so cool to me because I could take them anywhere.I was never really in to Barbies but I loved all the accesories. I really like to build with blocks and make buildings, which may be why I love to build now.
    In Him,

  5. Is that you in the last picture or your daughter? If it’s you, your girls look exactly like you!

    Now, let’s see…
    My favourite toy was probably my skipping rope. I also had an old doll my grandmother gave me named Amber (still have her) and I also liked My Little Ponies.
    I didn’t play with toys much though, I always just read books.

  6. My Son and Daughter had hoppity horses, when they were young.

  7. I had that exact same barbie house you did. It was a hand-me-down from a friend whose mother was tired of the clutter. Mine fell apart a few years ago-so it had to go in the trash…love the picture though…

    I also had some kiddles. My sister had a kiddle village fold up thing.

    I had a dawn doll too….fun seeing your toys!

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