The Perfect Cookie

Yes, we’re in the midst of a busy 4-H season here. Part of that involved foods judging on Monday. It was my youngest daughter’s first year, and the requirement was to bake cookies.

This is always a challenge. Not baking cookies per se – I’ve done that many times. But 4-H (motto: To make the best better if that gives you an idea of the stress involved) requires more than just cookies. We were in search of the perfect cookie — actually, 6 cookies that were perfect. If they have chips, each cookie must have the same number of chips. The judge may hold the bottom of 2 cookies up to each other to see if they match. And, the bottom of the cookie must not be darker than the top.

This has always been a problem here. No matter how I positioned my shelves (or shelf – for the fair, I use just one oven shelf, positioned exactly in the center), the bottom ended up darker. From my reading, I found that I probably needed a lighter finish cookie sheet.

For our recipe, scroll down to the “Peanut Butter Mice” recipe – you’ll recognize it by the cute little mice in the photo.

child using Kitchen Aid mixer4-H is the one occasion each year where I actually pull out and use the old flour sifter.

child making cookiesWe followed the recipe exactly, although we refrigerated the dough for about 36 hours. I had read somewhere the cookie dough often does better when refrigerated a day or so – I think it has to do with the flavors blending??

child making cookies

Then, on to the baking. How would the light finish baking sheet perform?

child with cookiesWow! Check it out – the bottoms look just like the tops. Amazing!!

The judge gave my daughter’s cookies reserve champion. She was so excited!

child mouse cookie




6 thoughts on “The Perfect Cookie

  1. Grandma Schulte would be so pleased to know her flour sifted played a role.

  2. If the judge hadn’t given her some special recognition, I would say she was biased. Those cookies ARE special and for a child that young–well, I’m blown away. Please tell her I said so!

  3. Awww. . . the little mouse is adorable! (As is your daughter – what a cutie she is!)

    And isn’t it amazing the difference a cookie sheet can make?

  4. Oh my do I remember THAT summer of 4-H!! Peanut butter cookies were my choice–the recipe from the early 70s edition of the BH & G cookbook! Roll them in sugar and I added the touch of making “criss-cross” marks with forks. It took every fork we could find to get it just right! lol. I ended up very proud of my blue ribbon!!! I still love those cookies! I’ll have to check out those cookie sheets! These days I use a Pampered Chef pan and for lighter colored cookies I use parchment paper. Your new pans sound easier!

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