Washington DC Memorials

One of the things I enjoyed on last month’s trip to DC (as well as the same trip 2 years ago with another daughter) was a lot of the new-to-me Washington DC memorials.

There’s the guide talking to the kids, with the Vietnam Memorial wall in the background. I had never seen it, and it was really touching to walk along it, seeing the thousands of names, and also memorabilia people left there.

Vietnam Memorial wallThe Korean War Memorial was new to me as well. It featured 19 soldiers, who were reflected in a nearby wall to create 38 soldiers, representing the 38th parallel dividing North and South Korea.

Korea Memorial Washington DC

The strips between the lines of soldiers were to represent the treacherous fighting terrain of Korea. Whether or not the chin straps of the helmets were fastened indicated whether the soldier represented a marine or an army member.

Korea Memorial Washington DCRemember:

Korea Memorial Washington DCThe World War II Memorial had a neat kiosk out front where you could look up a family member who served, and if they weren’t there, you could go home and enter their information online. I did that last time, and this time when I checked – my grandpa was there!

World War II Memorial BarnettWe saw this memorial at dusk, which was very pretty. Here’s just a part of it. Each of the wreathed columns along the back represents one of the 50 states.

World War II WWII Memorial Fountain

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  1. This all reminds me of the ultimate sacrifice so many many paid so we can spend days at Holiday World, school, shopping, having fun.


  2. I’m glad you got your grandpa’s name on there. You knew more about him than I did, even though he often referred to his military experience when he was my Sunday school teacher. I knew he was a Marine, but didn’t know, or had forgotten, that he fought in Guam.

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