Reading Terminal Market

Our final stop in Philly was lunch at Reading Terminal Market.

Reading Terminal Market PhiladelphiaWe also went here two years ago when I took the same trip with my oldest daughter, and the place was so crazy that it stressed her out – stalls and merchants everywhere, and very chaotic. This time, I was familiar with the place and had a plan of action: I would walk the aisles with my daughter and her friend, letting them choose where they wanted to eat.

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia foodSo many choices, from Amish to Thai to French to pizza to …

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia food… the just plain odd.

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia

Decisions, decisions …

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia crepesAt the earlier suggestion of a friend, I ate at a crepe place, with nutella and strawberries. Nutella always reminds me of my trips to Europe, where my Italian friend said it’s the closest thing Italians have to peanut butter.

Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia crepesYUM!

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  1. Nutella crepes with strawberries? My son had the exact same thing on Saturday only at IHOP–bet yours were WAY WAY better! DId you see the Kate + 8 crew anywhere?

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