Ohio’s Piatt Castles

We recently took an afternoon trip to the vicinity of Marysville, Ohio, to visit the Piatt Castles. Built in the 1800s by 2 brothers in the Piatt (Pee-ot) family, the buildings areĀ  still around as a reminder of a grander past. The castles were named Mac-O-Chee …

Piatt Castles … and Mac-O-Cheek.

Piatt Castles Mac-o-CheekHoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley visited Mac-O-Cheek, and for a time it was thought that he wrote his poem When the Frost is on the Pumpkin there, but that theory has since been discounted.

Piatt Castles Mac-o-CheekMac-O-Cheek owner Donn Piatt, a journalist, wrote:

The man who has no enemies has no following.

I like that!


Photos courtesy of Caroline, since I inadvertently cleared off my entire memory card …

4 thoughts on “Ohio’s Piatt Castles

  1. Your girls are logging up this information and broadening their scope. I have never heard of this before.

  2. I also visited the Piatt Castles over 25 years ago. They were in rather poor condition even then but quite interesting! It was rather expensive long ago as well. They smelled old and musty or perhaps even moldy, because they bothered my allergies/sinuses. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the little trip over there. Thanks for the memories since I haven’t thought of them for a few years now…usually only when we are driving through that area of OH and see the signs for it. I think that it is wonderful how you take your girls so many places and do such a wide variety of activities with them. Keep up the good work!

  3. I wanted to visit them while I lived in Ohio and just never got around to it. Glad you went. I trust you enjoyed it.

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