Childhood Memories Friday: Movies

Childhood Memories FridayMy mom tells about taking me to my first movie, The Sound of Music, when it first came out. Although I was just two, she was amazed that I apparently sat through it. enthralled. I’m not surprised, as that movie has always fascinated me:  the premise, the setting, the music … Each year when it would come on TV, I excitedly watched it again. On a trip to Austria in my 20s, I made sure to take the Sound of Music tour.

As a child, I don’t recall going to a lot of movies, but I did go occasionally. Our town had a drive-in theater, and I remember attending some movies there.

I remember standing in a long line (with my dad, I think) to watch In Search of Noah’s Ark. I recall fervently hoping that we’d be able to buy tickets before all the seats were taken. Ah, the sense of excitement and possibility that perhaps Noah’s Ark had actually been discovered, up there on a remote mountain in Turkey!

In Search of Noah's ArkI remember going to Escape to Witch Mountain with my sister.

Escape to Witch MountainEvery year, I loved The Wizard of Oz when it was on TV. I now have it on VHS tape (haven’t yet upgraded to DVD), but you know what? I don’t know if I’ve ever watched it that way. There was just something really special about waiting for the “event” of it being on TV each year. The suspense of that inevitable commercial break just before Dorothy stepped out into Oz; the fear in those moments just prior to that creepy, scary wicked witch appearing!

And who can forget E.T.? I saw it at the theater, senior year.

Instead of the prom, my friend Cheryl and I went to Frances, a rather depressing movie about an actress who was mentally ill.

I remember the whole Star Wars craze, and wanted a Princess Leia doll for a time, but never (to this day) saw the movies.

What movies do you remember from childhood?

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  1. When I was very young, I loved any movie with Shirley Temple or Judy Garland in it. Somehow I talked my Dad into taking me to several movies when I was still in elementary school. We went to Disney classics of the day, such as Snow White and Cinderella also.
    Three very classic movies came out the year that I was born in 1939: Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and Casablanca! Of course, I don’t remember them from that year, but I did see them before too many years went by. Gone with the Wind was by far my favorite. Who could resist the Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) and Vivian Leigh (Scarlett O’Hara) love scenes? Even the sad parts like the burning of Atlanta and the untimely death of young Bonnie were quite dramatic and heart-wrenching. Scarlett making a dress out of the old draperies at Tara always fascinated me as well. Then as a career teacher, a colleague of mine just down the hall and I would lament over a very bad day, by saying, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a d___”. We didn’t really mean that, but it was a fun way to relieve frustration!
    I also loved the epic religious movies, with The Ten Commendments starring Charleton Heston as my all-time favorite. Favorite movies as a grown-up have been Sound of Music and Dr. Zhivago. I haven’t seen a movie in 30 years that have impressed me as much as those two. I doubt that I will live long enough to find a replacement for Sound of Music as the best movie ever! Both Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were superb. [There is a waitress down at Sweet Cinnsations restuarant in Roanoke that I secretly call “Leisle” because of her size, age, and very deep blue eyes. Whenever she is there I just want to burst out in song “I am 16 going on 17”. Weird, huh?]

  2. I went to one movie as a child, “The Ten Commandments.” It was the first time I was in a theater. To this day, I’ve not seen half a dozen movies in a theater. But like Leona, I doubt there will ever be one that surpasses “The Sound of Music.” That was spectacular!

    I saw a live production of it in a theater here in GR a couple of years back and enjoyed it there, too. It opened with nuns standing in the aisles throughout the theater. I recall that the one standing closest to where we were seated had a terrific voice. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her.

  3. I remember seeing the Disney movie Bedknobs & Broomsticks in the movie theater. The only reason I remember that movie was because my mom dropped me and my two sisters off at the theater and we braved the crowd alone. We did not get to sit together because it was so packed. Somehow or other we ended up together after the movie and made it home.

    I remember watching Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder in the theater. That movie enthralled me. I loved every bit of it. I remember going home and acting out scenes from the movie with my friends. We also created a Willy Wonka thrill ride using my red wagon.

    And then of course I remember the whole Jaws freak out. No one wanted to go to the beach. LOL I remember our whole family watching Star Wars at the drive-in. Oh, and Saturday Night Fever and the disco craze. I wore satin disco pants under my gown at high school graduation.

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