Menu Plan Monday

Happy Memorial Day, and happy Menu Plan Monday!

This is the time of year where meal planning becomes a real challenge, because it’s not the only food-related activity going on. The garden is also coming to life. This week, I will be happy to harvest the first strawberries of the season. They’ll continue for about a month.

Spinach is almost ready too. Nothing else in the near future, but snap peas, black beans, tomatoes and peppers are all coming up nicely. I planted cucumbers and zucchini a week ago, and I need to get out there today and plant gourds and pumpkins. I love having a garden – although I’m not totally fond of all the weeding and upkeep that goes along with it.

So, for the menu:

Monday: Lasagna (this was on last week’s, but I am carrying it over). I read on a blog recently that when you make lasagna, you really never need to boil the noodles first or even buy the more expensive oven-ready noodles. She said to just add about 1/4 cup water to the lasagna and let it sit about an hour before baking. I thought this was a great tip, as boiling those noodles (and then trying to pull them apart without them shredding) was always such a pain.

Tuesday: Crunchy Chicken Strips – the kids requested these, and I haven’t made them in awhile. They are yummy.

Wednesday: Make your own pizza

Thursday: BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Sandwiches

Friday: Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas


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  1. I’m glad to find you “on” today. I thought you might take the day off because of the holiday. Have a good holiday!

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