Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday has arrived again! This week, although busy, has signs of activities slowing down or ending:  the fifth grade musical, the final middle school band concert of the year, last dance class. I like all the kids’ activities, so is it kind of odd that I enjoy seeing them come to an end?

I pulled together a menu plan for the week quickly last night. Yes, I know we have lasagna twice – but that’s because 1. I had one made in the freezer, and I need that pan back, and 2. they are two different types of lasagna.

Monday: White Sauce Chicken Lasagna – already in the freezer; yay!

Tuesday: Fish night – I have tilapia filets in the freezer and I just sprinkle them with paprika and other spices and bake them. I will make rice and a vegetable too.

Wednesday: Football Fiesta Casserole – I’ve had this recipe for several years; it’s good.

Thursday: Bird’s Nest Chicken – I have to say I don’t take the time to make the pasta into nests, so mine is more Bird’s Nest Chicken Casserole – nevertheless, it’s good.

Friday: Quick and Easy Lasagna – this is similar to my recipe, although I add a spinach layer and often leave out the meat. I plan to make two so I can freeze one. Probably French bread in the bread machine also.

What’s your Menu Plan Monday look like?

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. One daily staple right now for me is fresh strawberries. Thus far I have made ten batches of strawberry freezer jam. Thankfully I have so far found freezer room to store it. I baked Dr. Black’s first wife’s strawberry shortcake and I’m savoring every morsel – topped with Low Fat Cool Whip. Yummy!

  2. I was always glad to see the end of Little League, especially. Sure, I enjoyed the practices and the games and all (except the first few in April – when, likely as not, there’d be snow flying), but after a few months, it’s good to enjoy NOT going, isn’t it?

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