Colorburst Cupcakes

My three girls all have birthdays within a 2-week period. There are ways in which that is great:¬† they were all born in spring when the weather was nice and it was easy to take them outside. It’s also nice to have one “group party” for relatives so they’re not obligated to come various different times.

However, I didn’t anticipate the sheer craziness of those two weeks, added to the already-nuts environment of end-of-school-year chaos. It’s crazy, but yes, it’s a good kind of crazy.

One element of the craziness is the birthday treats that are expected at school. I’ve done a lot of different things, but I was looking for something different this year. I always like making something homemade as well (even though my kids have looked longingly at others bringing in a box of Dunkin’ Doughnuts) – it just seems kind of “retro” anymore to actually make something.

This  year, I came across this recipe for Colorburst Cupcakes, which I though looked so cute.

I’m happy to report that I made them twice (in that two-week period; the oldest daughter has “aged out” of birthday treats as a middle schooler), and they weren’t too hard to make.

I followed the recipe, which relies on a cake mix but jazzes it up a bit with sour cream. I did buy the gel food colors as recommended, and colored part of the batter in each color. My colors weren’t as vibrant as hers, but I think that’s because of the specific colors that were in my set of gels.

colorburst cupcakesThen I put a layer of each color into each cupcake paper – easily the most time-consuming part. As suggested, I kept a dish of water nearby for dipping my finger into between spreading colors. It really did work amazingly well in keeping the batter from sticking to my finger.

colorburst cupcakesYes, they did come out pretty cool, if I do say so myself. The girls (and their classmates) enjoyed them too.

For frosting, I put a decorating tip into the cut-off corner of a Ziplock bag, spooned some frosting into the bag, added a few sprinkles, and voila!

colorburst cupcakesFun, fun.


3 thoughts on “Colorburst Cupcakes

  1. Oh, those cupcakes are so beautiful! (And I love the Best Bites blog, too!)

    I always missed out on school birthday treats – my birthday was usually right after school ended for the year, and The Boy’s was always before school started. . .

    Not many moms take the time anymore to make homemade treats – especially such awesomely cool ones!

    Thanks for playing along with Third Thursdays, too!

  2. In this day and age I am amazed you get away with bringing in homemade treats. I thought that was no longer allowed.

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