The Big Top

Last week, the circus came to the small town where I used to teach.  I asked the girls who wanted to go, and although two were too grown up (awwww), the youngest one was enthusiastic.

So, although it was a school night, off we went. In past years, we’ve gone to the Shrine Circus, which is held at the coliseum and is a really big deal. This was a smaller circus, but I really liked the “feel” it had. It was held in the town park, and if you went to the park that morning, you could watch it set up (complete with the elephants helping put up the big tent).

We parked and began approaching the big top … how exciting!

Roanoke Indiana circusI knew that going to the circus would set us back over $20, but I just budgeted it from the 2 piano lessons I gave before leaving. However, as we went to enter, a lady ahead of us asked if we needed tickets. I said yes, and that we could buy one from her if she had an extra. She said no, she had two she would give us! How exciting (it doesn’t take much, my friends)!!

So, right then and there we decided to splurge. Sophie got to ride an elephant!

circus elephantLisa’s trunk (yes, the elephant was inexplicably named Lisa) felt a little rough …

circus elephant ride WHOA!!

circus elephant rideThen it was time to go into the tent for the show.

circus tigersPredictably, it didn’t take long for the “aww, the poor animals!” to kick in. Is this unique to me and my family, or does everyone feel that way? My heart always goes out to them. I mean, the people can choose to be in the circus. The animals, not so much.

circus camelscircus elephantYes, Lisa was back – this time performing.

Roanoke Indiana circusA fun evening, and neat to spend rare one-on-one time with a child. One of the announcers was a former student of mine, who has somehow turned into an adult. Seems like I had him in class 5 years ago, but when I think about it, I suppose it was actually about 19.

Two hours later, we hurried through the dark, chilly air back to the van, like we were escaping a dream …

4 thoughts on “The Big Top

  1. Go Sophie! Getting the tickets for free was a sweet bonus!

  2. A nice account of a night at the circus. I enjoyed it vicariously.

  3. I AM NOT too old for the circus, stop it!! I just had a lot of homework and I have to do piano and flute every night too and take a shower and you didn’t get back until 9:30 PM! Too late for me. When Sophie has to wake up at 6 AM she probably won’t go either!!!!!!

    But it would have been fun…tell them to make it on a weekend next time 🙂

  4. Thanks for relating your circus experiences! Loved the pictures, too! That is really neat about the free tickets, especially since supposedly they were all sold out a couple of days ahead of time. And the elephant ride for Sophie was an experience that she will remember for a lifetime. You are a good Mom, Susan!

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