Just When You Think You’ve Seen it All …

… you find a couple of geese on your roof.

Actually, they’ve been wandering around ours and neighboring yards for the past few weeks. I like them – they’re kind of like no-maintenance pets. I’m trying not to think of goose poop on the roof, though.

3 thoughts on “Just When You Think You’ve Seen it All …

  1. I wish I could have seen them up there, but they look so funny in the picture!!! Haha!

  2. My pets are the squirrels, rabbits, and birds in my yard. I do about nothing for them and they just keep coming. I have never needed a kennel, ‘course I don’t leave them very often, either. When they get sick, they just die – no vet involvement. But God knows all about it.

  3. Hi Susan! haven’t been in touch in ages and thought I’d pop over and say hello!

    Love the geese…yes, just like pets without any responsibility! LOL!

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