Bearing Those Arms

So, you know that as a political junkie, I’m always up for a story about the President or First Lady. Recently our USA Weekend magazine featured a Michelle Obama profile.

Michelle Obama armsJust as an aside, I have to say that I’m not nearly as annoyed by Michelle Obama as I’d expected to be, given her campaign comments about it being the first time in her adult life she’d been proud of her country, yadda yadda yadda. I attribute that mainly to her being out of the spotlight for the most part, but anyway – I want to be fair here 🙂

Yeah, I was annoyed by the fawning how does she do it? tone (answer: she has all kinds of help at taxpayer expense, and has her mom living in the same house for Pete’s sake), but what I really enjoyed about the article was this:

Michelle Obama fawning praiseCheck out the sentence beneath the large question. Apparently, Michelle is “bearing” her famous biceps. I know her arms are heavy, but “bearing” them? How can she bare to do that? Times must be really tight in the journalism field when they let all the editors go, huh?

And, I’m wondering what that “explosive” dress looks like. Hope she doesn’t wear it on any trips to Middle Eastern countries …

3 thoughts on “Bearing Those Arms

  1. Touche’! (Sorry, I do know how to spell the word, but this little widget won’t let me put the diacritical mark where it should be.)

  2. Aw, come on. It must be an awful burden, bearing the First Arms and all.

    Huh. I wonder how she likes that “keep and bear arms” thing now. . . or maybe that’s why her dress is explosive?

    (And as my own aside, yes, I find that I don’t loathe her as much as I’d expected to, either – but I also don’t see or hear from her as much as, oh, say, we saw and heard from Hillary back in the day . . . coincidence?)

  3. The way the media writes about her reminds me of the celebrity write ups in the Tiger Beat teen mags back in the day. Over the top, to say the least. All breathless and adoring. I have one about Marie Osmond when she turned 13, and it’s all “Oh, she must just pinch herself and say ‘I can’t believe I’m the sister of the famous Osmond brothers, and I get to talk to Donnie’ but for Marie, it’s true.” I mean, gag me with a spoon!

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